James Crown, JP Morgan Board Member & Billionaire, Close Friend of Obama, Dies In Race Car Crash

Also had ties to military industrial complex, foreign intelligence, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and other high-profile figures.

James Crown, a Chicago, Ill., socialite billionaire who chaired the Aspen Institute board of directors, sat on the board of JP Morgan and was instrumental in helping Barack Obama win the presidency, died in a single car accident at a Colorado race track Sunday.

According to the Pitkin County Coroner’s office, “Crown was involved in a single vehicle accident at the Aspen Motorsports Park in Woody Creek. The official cause of death is pending autopsy although multiple blunt force trauma is evident.”

“The manner is accident,” the coroner added.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports Crown, who was also CEO of his family’s investment firm Henry Crown & Co., was celebrating his 70th birthday at the time of the accident.

James’ father billionaire Lester Crown, 98, told the Sun-Times: “He was driving a race car, and it hit a wall going around a curve.”

According to The New York Times, Crown was “a crucial early supporter of Barack Obama” and helped him attain his first state Senate seat in Illinois, helping him defeat Republican Alan Keyes to the tune of $112,500.

The Times reports Crown later helped Obama win the presidency, which he was later rewarded for:

A few years later, Mr. Crown became Mr. Obama’s chief presidential fund-raiser in Illinois. When Mr. Obama ran for president in 2008, he released a list of earmarks he had secured as a senator, including $750,000 to help renovate a space center named after Henry Crown at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

In 2014, Mr. Obama appointed Mr. Crown to the president’s Intelligence Advisory Board, an independent group that advises the president on the effectiveness and goals of U.S. intelligence agencies.

Obama subsequently posted a eulogy for his friend on Twitter Monday:

Crown’s close association with Obama was scrutinized on social media:

Far from the glowing profiles he received by the corporate media post-mortem, investigative journalist Whitney Webb characterized Crown as the “current head of an intergenerational organized crime family who are an integral part of the corrupt system that actually runs the US.”

“Crown…played a key role in enabling JP Morgan’s criminal activity (likely incl its Epstein ties),” Webb wrote on Twitter, adding she’s detailed his misdeeds in a previous article and is planning a forthcoming part 2 article.

“In a nutshell,” Webb tweeted, “James Crown and his father Lester are largely responsible for Jamie Dimon being head of JP Morgan and Barack Obama becoming US president. They are deeply tied to the MIC [Military Industrial Complex] and US-Israeli intelligence, not a ‘philanthropist’ worth mourning imo.”

Given Crown’s influential political connections, it raises legitimate questions as to whether his death was the result of foul play, potentially for crossing the wrong person, or if it was indeed a car accident as reported.

Source: https://www.newswars.com/james-crown-jp-morgan-board-member-billionaire-close-friend-of-obama-dies-in-race-car-crash/