Maryland Dem Wants to Remove White Women From Power

“Speaker lineups need to be…intersectional and multi-racial. White people…should be few and with good reason,” said Kristin Mink, a former public school teacher who currently serves on the County Council in Montgomery, Maryland. 

Mink, a first-generation Chinese American, has a long history of criticizing white women and Zionist Jews. This month, she told attendees at a school board meeting that Muslim students speaking up against the teaching of LGBTQ topics in the classroom are “on the same side…as White supremacists and outright bigots.” 

The Muslim students argued that LGBTQ curriculum goes against their religion and that they should have the ability to opt-out of the program. According to one student who had the courage to speak up during the meeting, several Muslim students are being bullied for their faith.

Completely disregarding the student’s plea for help, Mink went on to demand the school incorporate books about transgender kids because “there is widespread consensus in the scientific and medical community that this is the reality.”

Unfortunately, Mink’s extremist and insensitive comments are not limited to board meetings. She regularly bashes white people on her Twitter page; for example, claiming the words “‘healing’ and ‘unity’ for so long meant disregarding the harms done to [people of color] for the comfort of White people” and arguing that the word “patriot” is used to describe a white person. 

Mink is one of five women who co-founded Lights for Liberty, a leftwing advocacy group that seeks to improve the treatment of migrants in the United States. When she decided to leave the organization in 2019, her primary complaints were the group’s decision to become a nonprofit and the lack of diversity among the group’s leadership. 

At the time, she was the only person of color at the executive level. 

“I would be more than glad to come back on board if Black and Brown voices are given a seat at the executive table,” wrote Mink in her farewell letter. “[Having] White women representing us is going to add to the credibility issue and doesn’t elevate the right voices.” 

She went on to denounce “the White feminism, gaslighting, and weaponized fragility” at the nonprofit and said she hopes the group make changes in order to “decentralize White power.”

It’s “ironic…that in an arena focused on dismantling systemic racism and confronting White supremacy, both can be found in some of the organizations ostensibly doing the work,” she continued. “[People] in those spaces should know better, right?”

Mink has even suggested to fellow councilmembers that it should be the responsibility of white people to act as human shields in confrontations between police and people of color.