NBA Star Signs 7-Year Endorsement Deal With Chinese Sneaker Company

Following an impressive second season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Austin Reaves has secured a sneaker endorsement contract with Chinese clothing brand Rigorer. This partnership will also see him launch his own line of signature footwear.

Shams Charania from The Athletic sat down with Reaves to discuss this lucrative seven-figure agreement.

“Honestly I’m blessed to play basketball for a living and I have to pinch myself sometimes to really understand what’s going on,” said Reaves.

Currently, the official website for the new sneakers showcases only five shoe designs, each priced approximately at $90.

Honestly, I’m thrilled for Austin.

I’m delighted that he’s landed a shoe deal (which is netting him a cool seven figures, no less). I’m also excited that he’s in line for a hefty paycheck this summer with the Lakers (not to mention, he gets to share the court with LeBron and possibly clinch a championship). It’s equally fantastic that he might be seeing Taylor Swift (the living legend herself), but really…

Why do those sneakers have to be such an eyesore? What’s with the trend of making basketball shoes so aesthetically unappealing these days?!