Parents or Terrorists: Glendale Parents Protest ‘Pornographic’ Sex Ed as Antifa Infiltrates Crowd

Ironically, what is being taught as sex ed to California school children cannot be spoken on television or radio

Elementary school parents in Glendale, CA showed up to a school board meeting Tuesday to oppose the public schools in their district pushing transgenderism and queer theory on their children, as well as the burgeoning LGBTQ celebrations in curriculum, when Antifa showed up and destroyed the peace.

Main stream media left out of their reporting that Antifa showed up, and that is when outside of the board meeting chaos and fighting took place. Only Fox News reported that masked Antifa thugs showed up.

Parents said they were only advocating for the safety and well-being of their children, KTLA reported. How schools teach gender and sexuality is not only what parents are objecting to, that schools are teaching overtly pornographic sexuality to their children is at the heart of the debate.

Ironically, what is being taught as sex ed to California school children cannot be spoken on television or radio. The Globe has covered the increasingly sexualized public school curriculum for many years.

The video in this Tweet shows the brawl and Antifa thugs:

One mother interviewed said the teachers in the Glendale Unified School District are discussing sex with very young children. She said young children do not think about sex, and teachers are way out of line. She said that is what the group of Muslim and Armenian parents were protesting.

KTLA reported, “What fueled the outrage was over PRIDE in schools.”

KTLA’s reporter said, “All of this over the inclusion of LGBTQ studies in the classroom.”

It’s all how the subject matter is presented. Parents said their objections were of the inappropriate sexualized curriculum.

“They need to stop asking children what they identify as,” one mother told Fox News.

The Glendale community is heavily Armenian and observant Muslims.

KTLA talked with the Glendale School District Superintendent:

Glendale School District Superintendant, Vivian Vekchian, disagrees with that idea, saying representation is especially important in schools as being an LGBTQ+ person is not a choice.

“Our primary focus in our school district is to be inclusive,” said Vekchian. “Every student matters, every family member matters. We do follow state laws and California Department of Education guidelines.”

We have a very clear divide in public education between parents wanting their children to receive a classical education, and activists teaching porn and filth to their kids.

Notably, California ranks 50th in the entire country in literacy, and 48th lowest in the country on overall public school test scores.

“Bringing in curriculum for K-6 on gender ideology, that is what we’re against,” another parent, Any Torosyan, said. Torosyan argued that instead of spending money on LGBT studies, the school district should focus on bettering students’ test scores, KTLA reported.

In an effort to prevent what school officials say is “harmful disinformation,” a curriculum fact sheet and FAQ statement regarding the LGBTQ+ topics covered in the classroom was released online.

Under the guise of teaching HIV/AIDS prevention education is Assembly Bill 329, authored in 2015 by then-Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), which authorized school districts to provide “comprehensive sexual health education in any grade, using instructors trained in the appropriate courses.” Weber is now California’s Secretary of State.

Shirley N. Weber

Weber’s bill also fudged on the ages kids can be taught sex: the bill “retains the authority for schools to provide age-appropriate comprehensive sexual health education in grades K-6.”

Kindergarten books introduce 5-year-olds to families with members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. First grade gender vocabulary lessons on words such as third gender, trans, queergender, non-binary, gender fluid, gender neutral, agender, bigender, and two-spirits. (more of this curriculum below).

The Glendale Unified Superintendent posted a memo online attempting to correct what she called “disinformation“:

“Recently, intentional and harmful disinformation has been circulating about what is being taught in our district and the ways we serve our students. This includes disinformation about LGBTQIA+ curriculum, sex education, and supporting transgender and gender non-conforming youth.”

Her memo linked to Weber’s AB 329.

Parents say they are told they are not allowed to pull their kids out of class  during the sexualized lessons. California law allows parents to opt out of sex education, but “gender identity” doesn’t qualify under that category.

Weber’s bill also:

“Modifies and expands the components that are required to be included in sexual health education and HIV prevention instruction;”

“Adds information about the treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.”

“Instruction and materials must affirmatively recognize that people have different sexual orientations and, when discussing or providing examples of relationships and couples, be inclusive of same-sex relationships.”

“Instruction and materials must teach students about gender, gender expression, gender identity, and explore the harm of negative gender stereotypes.”

Adds “other trusted adults” with whom students are encouraged, by instruction and materials, to communicate. Adds that instruction and materials are to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate with a parent or other trusted adult about human sexuality.

“Expands the provisions of knowledge and skills for making and implementing healthy decisions about sexuality to include negotiation and refusal skills to assist students in overcoming peer pressure and using effective decision-making skills to avoid high-risk activities.”

“Expands exclusions from being considered sexual education (does not discuss human reproductive organs and their functions) to include presentations or programming, and topics of discussion to include gender identity, gender expression, discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, and relationships.”

Weber’s bill passed the Assembly 51-26 and the Senate 26-14, showing the ideological divide and party line vote by the Democrat Supermajority.

Then, in 2019, the California State Board of Education approved highly controversial changes to the state’s health and sex education framework including teaching children about bondage, anal sex, pederasty, sex trafficking, sexual orientation and transgender and non-conforming students.

“One teacher in the district slammed the suggestion that LGBT curriculum should be excluded in favor of more traditional methods of education, according to video posted on Twitter,” The Daily Caller reported. “She called out the ‘hetero-normative, Judeo-Christian, patriarchal, imperialist, capitalist system that oppresses [LGBTQ youth].’” Her diatribe is in this video.

This California sexual education curriculum also includes:

  • Kindergarten books that introduce 5-year-olds to families with members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.
  • First grade gender vocabulary lessons on words such as third gender, trans, queergender, non-binary, gender fluid, gender neutral, agender, bigender, and two-spirits.
  • Lessons for 1st graders that provide detailed descriptions of sex with these quotes such as: “The man’s penis goes inside the woman’s vagina,” and “sperm can swim out through the small opening in the man’s penis – and into the woman’s vagina.”
  • Pictures in a book for third graders showing a cartoon drawing of a penis ejaculating sperm while inserted into a vagina.
  • Lessons which teach third graders that sexual reproductive organs don’t always match a person’s gender.
  • Recommendations that fifth graders are taught sexual health lessons that must include examples of same-sex sexual activity. Students should not be separated by sex during these lessons to avoid “misgendering” students.
  • Books that introduce 10-year-olds to anal sex, and the slang for male and female genitals.

Because the state continues to push this sexualized curriculum on their kids without opt out options, parents have pulled their children out of public schools in protest, causing schools to lose the “Average Daily Attendance.” The state of California funds school districts based on each student’s daily-recorded attendance.

Here are most of the honored LGBTQ days of celebration:

June is PRIDE Month.

February 19-25 is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week. (Aromantics are people who do not experience romantic attraction).

March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility.

April 17 is the Day of Silence to protest the bullying of LGBT students and their supporters.

May 17  is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, to raise awareness of anti-LGBT violence and repression worldwide.

May 22 is Harvey Milk Day.

June 12, 2016 is The Pulse (Night Club) Night of Remembrance.

July 16 is International Drag Day.

September 23 is Celebrate Bisexuality Day.

October is LGBT History Month.

October 11 National Coming Out Day, an LGBTQ awareness day.

October 17 is International Pronouns Day.

The third Thursday in October is Spirit Day.

October 26 is Intersex Awareness Day.

The second week in November is Transgender Awareness Week.

November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance.

December 1 is World AIDS Day.

America’s veterans are honored one day each year. One day each year, Memorial Day honors those who died while serving in the military. George Washington, America’s first President lost his day of honor and must share it with all Presidents on Presidents Day. Mothers and fathers are each honored one day a year.