Sheriff’s Deputy Shot By AK-47 Multiple Times, Needs Our Prayers And Support

Salinas, CA: On Wednesday morning, a man armed with an AK-47 shot a Monterey County sheriff’s deputy twice. However, the law enforcement officers managed to shoot and kill the assailant after a nine-hour standoff inside a house in Salinas.

On Thursday afternoon, the incident report from Monterey County District Attorney Jeannine M. Pacioni confirmed that the deputy involved was 40-year-old Officer Jesse Grant, a 17-year veteran of law enforcement.

Grant was labeled as a “dedicated professional” within the department and generally well-liked by everyone. However, Sheriff Tina Nieto did not provide specific details on Grant’s condition and only stated that he was “out of the woods right now.”

Sheriff's Deputy Shot By AK-47 Multiple Times, Needs Our Prayers And Support
Jesse Grant in center. Image from Tim Kennedy’s LinkedIn page.

According to the press release, it stated, “When Fischer did not answer the door, at 7:56 am Deputy Grant requested non-emergency backup. Two additional deputies arrived. At 8:46 am, Fischer opened fire and struck Deputy Grant twice with rounds. Fischer continued to shoot at deputies who took cover. A shelter-in-place order was issued at 9:17 am. Fischer remained barricaded in his apartment. He was heavily armed and continued discharging his numerous firearms at responding officers from his upstairs apartment location during a nine-hour standoff.”

Suspect Fights Back

Other agencies reported to the scene, including the FBI. During the standoff, law enforcement officers occasionally returned fire. Drones were also used during the operation, likely in counterintelligence roles. But it was reported that the suspect shot down 7 of the drones during the standoff.

The standoff was further made complicated as it was in a second-story apartment. Traversing stairs during a gun battle is often difficult as there are limited visual angles and blind spots, and elevation is often an advantage, in this case, it was for the suspect.

Sheriff's Deputy Shot By AK-47 Multiple Times, Needs Our Prayers And Support
Jesse Grant was a soldier. Image from Tim Kennedy’s LinkedIn page.

Later in the evening, at approximately 5:33 pm, it was reported that a law enforcement officer, likely a qualified sniper, shot at Fischer, hitting him in the head, killing him.

Fischer was found on the scene wearing camouflage gear and laid on the floor brandishing an AK-47.

According to the press release, “He [Fischer] held an AK-47 assault rifle when killed. He had a total of 3 semi-automatic assault rifles, 2 bolt action rifles and 2 handguns in his apartment. Approximately 18 law enforcement officers discharged their firearms.”

About Deputy Jesse Grant

Law enforcement today first heard about this unfortunate situation from a friend of the law enforcement community Tim Kennedy, a retired Army special forces member and social media influencer.

In his social media post, he wrote about Jesse Grant and said, “My brother’s longtime partner and friend was shot four times yesterday in the line of duty. Jesse is an Army combat veteran, Deputy bomb tech for Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and one hell of a human. He is in the fight for his life. He and his family need your help.”

Kennedy continued, “100% of everything you give is tax free and 100% goes to Jesse’s family. Pray and share this with everyone you know. (My brother is the one on the right with the rifle covering Jesse as the team pulls him out of the gunfight).”

Taken from Tim Kennedy’s IG page.

Kennedy has been promoting a fundraiser for Jesse Grant which can be found here. Please consider donating and help this hero, because that’s what we do, we look out for each other.