Transgender Movement, Biden Border Policy Aid and Abet Child Sex Slavery, Rescuer Warns

The woke Left is championing the same “pedophile doctrines” that enable child sex slavery, warns Tim Ballard, a former Department of Homeland Security agent who has rescued hundreds of children from sex slavery.

He also warns that taxpayer dollars are in effect funding child sex slavery under President Joe Biden.

Ballard spoke with The Daily Signal last week, speaking alongside Jim Caviezel, the actor best known for playing Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.” Caviezel portrays Ballard in the forthcoming film “Sound of Freedom.” The film tells the story of Ballard’s first mission to save children from sex slavery in Colombia.

Ballard spoke about the nexus of ideas between a pro-pedophile political party in the Netherlands and the Left’s transgender advocacy in the U.S., and he raised the alarm about Biden border policies that fund and enable the exploitation of children.

Ballard said he had studied the political platform of the Dutch Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom, and Diversity (which goes by PNVD, its acronym in Dutch).

In studying the PNVD’s literature, he discovered what he calls “the pedophile network doctrines.”

“They include things like: (1) separate children from parents, because parents are a bad influence, the state knows best; (2) sexualize kids, let them see pornography; (3) take God out of education because that just gets in the way; and (4) kids consent, consent, consent. Children can consent to anything,” Ballard said. “At 12 years old, they should be able to vote. They should be able to do anything.”

“Now, what am I seeing here? My stomach is getting sick as I’m reading this. I read this every day. It’s the woke Left agenda,” the child liberator said.

“I’m not saying that they’re colluding or talking,” Ballard said, referring to the Left and the PNVD. “It doesn’t matter. It’s the same dark source. But, pedophiles are sitting back right now, going, ‘We’ve been pushing this agenda for decades. and now we don’t have to push anymore, because the Left are taking care of it for us in America.’ In America!”

The former DHS agent also warned about “this whole trans [ideology] foisted on children.” He said he would fight for the right of adults to “do what you want,” but children are a different story. “What they’re saying is, children can consent to having their bodies filled with a chemical that will destroy their reproductive system. They can consent to ripping apart their genitalia.”

“This is insanity—in and of itself it’s horrible,” Ballard added. “But what it’s going to lead to is what the pedophiles have been asking for. If you can consent to that, guess what? What’s more fluid than gender? Age.”

Ballard also discussed “the economy of pedophilia,” noting that the U.S. is “the No. 1 consumer of child exploitation material. We are the demand.”

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, federal authorities encountered 152,057 unaccompanied minors at the border in fiscal year 2022 (ending Sept. 30 of that year), and 91,380 more this fiscal year to date (beginning on Oct. 1, 2022).

Customs and Border Protection website screenshot.

Ballard noted that “thousands of them … are under 5 years old.”

“Why is a three-year-old showing up at the border?” he asked. “Well, I can tell you why, because they show up with a name. The name of the sponsor that they’re given by the trafficker.”

The Department of Health and Human Services “gets the kids, and they by law have to call the number. ‘Hi, we have Jose Gonzalez, Mr. George Smith.’ ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s my kid. Whatever.’ ‘OK.’ They used to actually fly down to have to pick the kid up. Not anymore.”

“Our taxpayer dollars will then send the kid by plane or bus to this George, the sponsor, no background check, no DNA, nothing. And they deliver the kids,” Ballard noted.

“Our taxpayer dollars are literally, for the first time in American history, our taxpayer dollars are going to facilitate the last leg of a child-trafficking event,” he said.

Ballard also lamented that “the border’s wide open.”

He cited CBP’s estimate of how much money cartels made in February 2021, $411.5 million, for an average of $14.6 million per day.

“Fourteen million dollars a day are landing in the pocket of smugglers and traffickers, thanks to the Biden-Harris border policy,” Ballard said. “The only compassionate policy is border enforcement—barriers, walls. Why? And ‘The Sound of Freedom’ talks about this. Because the walls and the barriers lead the children who are being hurt into that funnel of rescue. Trained women and men in uniform are there. Those kids want to go through the port of entry.”

“Those kids pray for a wall. The wall will save their lives,” he added.

Yet the Biden administration took “it all down,” and opened “it all up.”

“Kids are being abused by the thousands, and our taxpayer dollars are actually funding it,” Ballard said.

He also opened up about very personal moments in the film, such as the moment when his wife told him to quit his job.

Caviezel spoke about the difficulty of playing a DHS agent who took on child sex slavery, and he also mentioned how difficult it was to make the film. He compared it with “The Passion of the Christ” and urged listeners to buy tickets and reach out to theaters to secure more screenings for the film ahead of its July 4 release date.

Audiences have purchased more than 524,000 tickets as of Tuesday. You can purchase tickets at, or you can purchase tickets to allow others to see the film at (You can watch a new trailer for the film at the bottom of this page.)