‘Yellowstone’ Star Facing Serious Troubles After Leaving Hit Show

During his search for a suitable filming spot in Utah for the sequel of his forthcoming film franchise, “Horizon: An American Saga,” Kevin Costner encountered various challenges. In a conversation with St. George News, a local media outlet, Costner shared insights about this new endeavor.

“Every day, my dream was to film at this other place. We even built a suspension bridge,” he said to the outlet. “And we were going to crane our wagons 50 feet in the air over the river, drop them down on that location. So I had it on my head, we built it, we had the cranes out there. And then the big snowpack came. And everybody said, ‘The water’s gonna come up.'”

The “Hidden Figures” star had to make a change of plans in a “snap decision.”

“It broke my heart because losing my location turns me into a baby a little bit because I have my mind set on what it’s going to look like and how people will enjoy it,” Costner explained.

The second location that Costner and his team discovered was picturesque, though it didn’t align with the actor’s vision for a scene that required a barren setting.

In pursuit of an appropriate site, Costner had his team board a helicopter to scout out a potential location within the Shivwits Reservation.

“I said, ‘Let’s run this river, the Santa Clara, all the way to the Virgin River.’ I was throwing prayers up on what’s going to happen,” Costner said. “I secretly didn’t want to have another place. But I knew the first place wasn’t going to work.”

“The best thing was working with Kevin’s crew. We’re all working together, and they were more active in asking what they should be careful of,” Duran told the outlet. “We’re in cultural sites in a couple of the areas, which I pointed out, and they respected everything.”

In order to safeguard wildlife and more, Costner’s crew implemented signage to caution individuals on set. Additionally, the production company took proactive measures to enhance the reservation, such as broadening roads and facilitating better access to various areas.

“Kevin’s people are great,” Duran explained. “So there was nothing that harmed anything; it’s just more of cleaning things up, which was good for the people.”

In the midst of controversy surrounding his show “Yellowstone,” Costner has redirected his focus toward “Horizon: An American Saga.” The Western series is due to conclude after its fifth season, premiering in November.

Costner, who plays John Dutton in the Paramount Network show, has seen the series’ success give birth to several spin-off shows such as “1923” and “1883,” along with an upcoming project featuring Matthew McConaughey.

Initially, the series wasn’t planned to terminate after five seasons, but Taylor Sheridan, the co-creator, mentioned that this premature end doesn’t “modify” the character of Costner.

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