Can Anybody Find A Photo Of Michelle Obama During Either Of Her Pregnancies?

Rumors of Michelle Obama being a man have been circulating the internet for many years now. Many Americans firmly believe that Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States is not a woman at all, but a man.

The rumors truly began to pick up steam when comedian Joan Rivers claimed that Michelle Obama was a transgender back in July of 2014, and that President Obama was the first ‘gay’ President.

A reporter asked Rivers if the United States will ever see the ‘first gay President’

Rivers can be quoted as responding, “We already have it with Obama, so, lets just calm down. You know Michelle is a t*****.” The reporter responds, saying, “I’m sorry she’s a what?”

Rivers then replies, “A transgender. We all know it. It’s ok.” See a clip of that moment below…

Rivers would go on to strangely die during a routine surgery just two months later. Whether she meant this comment as a joke or not, it surely generated controversy and conversation online.

Others who claim that Michelle Obama is a male would point to an appearance that the former First Lady made on the Ellen Degeneres Show back in 2015. During Obama’s appearance, she stood up to dance with Ellen to the song ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars.

Commenters claim that this video shows something dangling in the pants of Michelle Obama. The comments became so overwhelming that the Ellen show even turned off the comments to the video on Youtube. See that controversial clip below…

Because this is just an internet rumor, Rare is going to give Michelle Obama the benefit of the doubt. Obviously Michelle Obama is a woman, because she gave birth to two daughters… or did she?

Recently, Conservative influencers have been offering money to their fans for a single picture of Michelle Obama pregnant with either of her two daughters. In an attempt to debunk these claims, I scoured the internet for a picture of Michelle Obama carrying either her daughters. See one of those challenge posts below…

I couldn’t find one picture of Michelle Obama carrying either daughter. Hours of searching yielded literally nothing.

How could this be possible? We are talking about a First Lady of the United States!
This is where you, the audience, comes in. Lets put this rumor to bed once and for all. I challenge my audience to find one single photo of Michelle Obama pregnant with either of her daughters.