Congresswoman Nancy Mace Boldly Drops Sex Joke at Prayer Breakfast

Congresswoman Nancy Mace showcased her humorous side while speaking at Senator Tim Scott’s prayer breakfast. The well-liked Republican representative from South Carolina amused the crowd by sharing a personal anecdote about her packed schedule.

She explained that her morning had been so full because her fiancé was interested in some a.m. lovin’, but due to time constraints, she had to decline. Mace needed to ensure she arrived on time for Scott’s function. This quirky reveal added a lighthearted touch to the otherwise serious event.

“When I woke up this morning at 7, I was getting picked up at 7:45, Patrick, my fiancé, tried to pull me by my waist over this morning in bed. And I was like, ‘No, baby, we don’t got time for that this morning. I got to get to the prayer breakfast, and I got to to be on time.’ A little TMI. He can wait. I’ll see him later tonight,” Mace joked.

Give her credit, she dropped the comment with no hesitation.

Mace’s comment, initially overlooked during her Wednesday speech, ignited a social media storm by Thursday. It spread widely, and clearly, not everyone was amused.

There seems to be a prevalent view that humor, especially of a sexual nature, has no place in a religious context. As someone who has spent a significant part of my life in churches, I’ve heard spiritual leaders express far more controversial views.

However, it was a jest. The realm of comedy traditionally enjoys a degree of latitude. This understanding, unfortunately, escaped many, as social media platforms became arenas of indignation.

People need to lighten up, she made a joke. And you know what? It was actually funny. Now she won’t be getting a call to open for Chris Rock or anything, but it was good stuff.