Exclusive: National File Reporter Charles Downs’ Front Row Seat to One of Trump’s Best Speeches Yet

National File reporter Charles Downs had a front-row seat to Donald Trump’s speech at Faith and Freedom’s Road to Majority Conference on Saturday. Many political pundits are saying Trump’s Saturday speech was his greatest ever. The Trump campaign has shared Downs’ video of the high-energy crowd.

As Trump took the stage, chants of “USA, USA, USA” began to fill the room. The volume went from loud to deafening. Everyone in the room, from the major donors to the grassroots activists, was screaming at the top of their lungs their love for America and their thankfulness to Trump for fighting for the America they love.

Many shared Downs’ videos of the speech.

Trump also received thunderous applause when he said, “I will sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states. And on day one, I will re-instate the Trump ban on transgenders in the military.”

Faith and Freedom’s conference is one of the largest gatherings of conservative Christians in America. Team DeSantis has been attempting to argue that Ron is winning over the conservative Christian vote. Trump’s speech on Saturday exposed this argument as false.

Even the mainstream media reported that Trump’s Saturday speech had an energy that most have never experienced at a political event before. The New York Daily News Headline on Trump’s speech was: “Donald Trump draws wild applause at annual Faith and Freedom Coalition conference of conservative evangelical leaders.”

Trump’s speech Saturday is another indication that GOP primary polls that show Trump possessing a significant lead are correct.

Source: https://nationalfile.com/exclusive-national-file-reporter-charles-downs-front-row-seat-to-one-of-trumps-best-speeches-yet/