Gov. Newsom’s Deceit With Local School Boards Exposes Tyrannical Leanings

One week ago, the elected Temecula Valley Unified School District board again voted 3-2 to reject California’s elementary school social studies curriculum. A day later, Governor Gavin Newsom announced he would be sending the textbooks anyway, threatened a lawsuit and $1.5 million fine.

Facing a lawsuit and hefty fine, the Temecula Valley board reversed its earlier votes in an emergency meeting that went late last Friday night. They approved the curriculum with the caveat to make the material age and grade appropriate, and asked district officials to review the supplementary material that discusses gay rights and same-sex legality in California.

Do you ever remember a time when a California Governor imposed his will on a locally-elected school board?

The Globe spoke with a former State legislator this week who said local school boards have 100% authority for their schools’ curriculum, and even have the ability to create testing. The lawmaker said Gov. Newsom really stepped in it this time, and may find himself on the other end of a lawsuit.

Notably, Gov. Newsom never apologized to the people of California for locking them up, destroying their businesses, causing serious mental harm and learning loss to their children, and being wrong about masks and vaccine mandates. Tyrants never apologize.

Newsom: Presidential-Candidate-in-Waiting

Newsom, who is obviously the Democrat Presidential-Candidate-in-Waiting should President Joe Biden become too ill or dementia-addled to run for reelection, is revealing his dark underbelly. Again.

We saw what an authoritarian and tyrant Newsom is when during the time of COVID madness, he ordered the entire state locked down for nearly three years, forced private sector businesses to close indefinitely, issued mask mandates indoors and outdoors, ordered all students ages 5-11 to receive COVID vaccinations in order to attend in-person school, and then mandated vaccines for all school children. His orders were enforced by local police  and public health officials who arrested surfers, people out walking alone on a beach, and businesses which refused to comply with his illogical orders.

Newsom even created laws illegally using his emergency powers – only the Legislature can create laws.

Assembly members James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley sued over Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “one man rule,”challenging whether he had the emergency authority to make law without legislative authority, using his emergency powers during the COVID shutdown of the state. Gov. Gavin Newsom issued 58 executive orders by the time Gallagher and Kiley filed their suit. Many of those decisions and executive orders were legally dubious if not outright unconstitutional, all under the guise of “public health.”

They won in State Super Court but Gov. Newsom and his legal team appealed Kiley and Gallagher’s trial court victory. This is what they wrote in their return response:

This case concerns a limited point of law: whether the California Constitution countenances a dictatorship. Gavin Newsom is no Caesar, but his legal theory in this case and ruling philosophy this year are that of dictator legibus faciendis. The Executive can make laws at will, and the participation of the Legislature is at his discretion.

They say in their response:

What is at issue is whether, in addition to this duly delegated authority, the Governor may lay claim to a form of “police power” that includes acts of purely legislative creation. Such power, if legitimized by this Court, would admit of no practical limitation. 

The appeals court oddly sided with Gallagher and Kiley, but kicked the case up to the Supreme Court, as Kiley noted:

“The Third District sided with me and James on almost every legal issue,” Assemblyman Kiley posted on Twitter. “Yet it somehow found a path to avoid limiting the Governor’s powers. This case will be decided by the California Supreme Court.”

The California Supreme Court – made up of Gov. Jerry Brown and Gov. Newsom appointees -eventually ruled against them, despite the law being very clear on a California Governor’s power – even during a state of emergency.

Newsom continued to balk on lifting the lockdowns and mandates on Californians while his children continued to attend private school, and he and the First Partner maintained an active social life, dining with friends at the chi-chi French Laundry in Napa Valley, vacationed in Montana, vacationed at a $29,000-per-night villa in Cabo San Lucas and traveled to Costa Rica.

As Gov. Newsom extended California’s COVID State of Emergency into its second year, he traveled the country on a book tour and took in an interview on The View.

As honest and hard working Californians remained trapped in their homes under his lockdown orders, California’s horrific crime wave achieved national attention, despite politicians’ attempts to deny this.

“The wave of group mob-style smash and grab robberies around the Golden State continued on in California over the Thanksgiving holiday period, resulting in the ramping up of police protection despite some departments facing strained resources following defunding efforts,” the Globe reported at that time.

Gov. Newsom did not conduct live, in-person press conferences throughout the lockdowns, and the Capitol press was mostly kept away from him – from March 2020 through February 2022. And he rarely had to answer a difficult question anyway.

The authoritarian Governor was remote and inaccessible for nearly three years.

Other acts of Tyranny 

Remember when as one of his first acts as governor, in 2019, Gov.  Newsom sued the Orange County city of Huntington Beach for failing to provide enough additional “affordable housing,” while his own home county of Marin enjoyed a moratorium on affordable housing building requirements until 2028, the Globe reported.

Newsom vowed that “some cities are refusing to do their part to address this crisis and willfully stand in violation of California law,” he said. “Those cities will be held to account.” Newsom’s overreach and meddling into local control issues ignored that Huntington Beach had already zoned and permitted 1,000 units of its 1,353 required.

Only, his own home county, left-leaning Marin, wasn’t held to account the way conservative Huntington Beach was.

And Newsom never stopped – in February of 2023, Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Bonta once again harassed Huntington Beach in conservative Orange County over state affordable housing requirements after the city council voted to challenge the housing state laws aimed at forcing local cities to allow granny flats, (Accessory Dwelling Units).

Huntington Beach is a charter city which has more local controls, exempting it from some state zoning laws, according to a panel of the California 4th District Court of Appeal. The appeals court ruled in 2017 that charter cities like Huntington Beach can approve plans that don’t meet the state’s housing requirements and can eliminate sites zoned for affordable housing. The state appealed the ruling.

The Department of Housing and Community Development reported in 2019 that most of California city’s housing plans are in compliance, while 51 cities and counties were not, including Huntington Beach… and Selma, Orange Cove, Holtville, Lake County, Bradbury, Claremont, La Puente, Maywood, Montebello, Paramount, Rolling Hills, South El Monte, Westlake Village, Atwater… while all Marin County cities were listed in compliance.

That report is no longer available on the housing department website.

There are traits and behaviors common to tyrants:

Tyrants are shifty, they are slick and treacherous.

They’ll manipulate you to prevent you from figuring them out.

Tyrants want us confused.

To tyrants, winning is everything, and they will claim victory in every interaction by any means necessary.

Gavin Newsom’s behavior during and since Covid, and now with a disobedient school board, is tyrannical and ultimately dangerous. Whether he is trolling Red State Governors, or harassing cities in more conservative areas, or issuing his own edicts, or imposing lockdowns – all behaviors and decisions should have shown every Californian just how tyrannical and unreasonable our governor and his appointees are.

Far too many Californians appear to be apathetic to our individual liberties and that should be really concerning. Newsom and most other Democrat Governors became lockdown zealots … while Republican governors allowed their states to remain free while adopting and encouraging personal responsibility.

Such a contrast – freedom or servitude.

UPDATE: After the Globe published this article, Rep. Kevin Kiley posted this amazing exchange with Dr. Nat Malkus, a senior fellow and the deputy director of education policy at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he specializes in empirical research on K-12 schooling.