He Tried To Kidnap A Bikini Barista, And They Have Caught Up With Him… 

A bikini barista described the moment that a zip tie-wielding customer tried to grab her through the service window of the drive-thru coffee bar where she works.

The barista said that the apparent kidnap attempt at Beankini Espresso in Auburn, Washington, was a “random act” and that she hoped the man would be brought to justice.

The assailant drove off after failing to abduct the woman after the victim successfully fought him off. Police in the suburb of Seattle posted a video of the incident in the hope that a citizen could help them find the man.

A suspect, identified as Matthew Darnell on Wednesday, was arrested at his Auburn home less than 14 hours after the abduction attempt.

Surveillance footage showed the 38-year-old suspect with a distinctive Chevrolet tattoo attempting to drag the unnamed barista out of the window using a looped, zip-tie-like device.

The barista, who has spent nine years working at the drive-thru coffee shop, claimed on Wednesday that trucker Darnell, who was operating a Chevrolet Silverado, inexplicably chose to target her. The victim, who requested anonymity, told DailyMail that she was shaken by the experience but expressed gratitude that the female-owned business puts staff safety first by revealing that the store, which opens at 4.30 am, is outfitted with a quiet panic button, metal doors, and security cameras. The victim also said that staff members are also permitted to possess tasers and mace for this reason.

The barista claimed that on Monday morning when the incident took place, the would-be kidnapper placed an order for a drink, paid for it, and then asked for change on a $5 bill. He allegedly grabbed the victim when she turned around to hand him the five one-dollar bills. She claimed to DailyMail that neither she nor her coworkers had ever seen him before.

Police in Auburn, Alabama, detained Darnell on Tuesday after the coffee shop workers later identified him. Pictures from Darnell’s first court appearance in King’s County on Wednesday show the moment the judge decided there was enough evidence to hold the suspect on one felony count of attempted second-degree kidnapping.

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