Joe Biden Apparently Isn’t the First Democratic President to Have Cocaine at White House. Here are Others.

President Joe Biden is allegedly not the first Democratic president to have cocaine at the White House, based on historical accounts of previous administrations.

Democratic Presidents Clinton and Roosevelt were both accused of having cocaine in the White House while they were in office, and President John F. Kennedy apparently used illicit drugs to treat his chronic health issues.

Clinton administration staffers allegedly use cocaine on the job, former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne said in a 2016 book, according to the New York Post.

Federal law enforcement accused dozens of Clinton staffers of using cocaine and other illegal drugs before they were hired, and the administration allegedly created a special drug testing system to ensure the staffers received security clearances, the LA Times reported in 1997.

Before Clinton’s time, President Kennedy used numerous drugs to treat his debilitating health issues, unsealed presidential medical records show, according to ABC News.

Kennedy used codeine, Demerol and methadone for chronic pain, thyroid hormones, barbiturates for sleep, ritalin, meprobamate and librium for anxiety and other medicines to combat infections.

President Franklin Roosevelt was potentially given cocaine regularly to treat sinus problems, historian Steve Gillon has claimed based on Roosevelt’s medical records and medical literature at the time.

Roosevelt would not have known he was using cocaine because medical journals advised doctors not to tell patients that cocaine was mixed into their sinus treatment.

Multiple White House guests have allegedly used illicit drugs without getting caught. Rapper Snoop Dogg claimed in 2014 he smoked marijuana in a White House bathroom during a 2013 visit, before marijuana legalization in Washington, D.C., The Washington Post reported.