President Trump Releases New Ad Slamming ‘3rd World Dictator’ Joe Biden

Joe Biden has weaponized the American justice system like a third-world dictator, says President Trump’s new ad.

A new ad released by 45th President Donald J. Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign compares Joe Biden to a “third-world dictator” who has weaponized the American justice system and launched the “greatest witch hunt in history” in a desperate effort to take down President Trump – all while the Biden family operates above the law, making millions of dollars through bribery scandals.

“What do you call someone that’s weak?” the ad asks in its opening, as video footage of Joe Biden falling off of his bicycle, needing assistance putting on his jacket, and falling down on the stage at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony plays on the screen.

“[What do you call] someone caught in a bribery scandal that made them millions, complicit in a government cover-up, and uses your government to get special deals for his family?”

“You call them Joe Biden,” the ad goes on, as headlines profiling Joe and Hunter Biden’s massive criminality appear on the screen and before the ad compares Biden’s notorious behavior to that of a “corrupt third-world dictator” who’s weaponized the American legal system in a blatant case of 2024 election interference.

“Acting just like a corrupt third-world dictator, Biden has unleashed a cadre of unscrupulous government bureaucrats he controls to act like rabid wolves and attack his greatest threat, launching one of the greatest witch hunts in history.”

“But Biden’s underestimated the intelligence of voters and Trump’s support is growing even stronger,” the ad continues, flashing an NBC News headline revealing that Trump’s 2024 lead is increasing in both GOP primary and general election polling, despite facing unprecedented political persecution.

“Hard-working Americans,” the ad says in close, are “com[ing] together, in huge numbers, to stand with the one person they know has their backs and will fight to Make America Great Again.”

Watch the full Trump campaign ad below: 

Trump’s new campaign ad comes in the wake of more charges being filed against him in federal court by Joe Biden’s top persecutor, Jack Smith, and as the DOJ moves to charge Trump in Washington, DC over the January 6, 2021 protests against election fraud.

Trump is also staring down attacks in Atlanta, where left-wing local prosecutor Fani Willis is expected to bring him up on local charges related to his efforts to stop 2020 election fraud in the state of Georgia.