‘Thank You For The Opportunity To Hang Myself’: John Kerry Answers To Hearing On Climate Change

John Kerry is the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. A hearing is taking place today, July 13th, to hash out the details of climate change and John Kerry’s role.

The hearing has been a mash-up of some politicians saying things like: “we understand climate change is a threat because we have experienced unprecedented flooding,” while others point to scientific graphs that show climate change to be a myth, at best a misguided theory.

In the midst of the misconceptions and complete contradictions on climate change even down to its very existence, John Kerry was asked: “Are you embracing some far-left agenda?” In other words, the question posed was asking John if he was using ‘Climate Change’ for his own purposes and the purposes of the far-left, for financial gain and power. The existence and seriousness of climate change has been in question for a while but many have used the agenda to scare people into spending.

In response to the straight-forward question posed, John could merely say: “Thank you for the opportunity to hang myself.” He received chuckles from the folks at the hearing yet his statement holds serious weight. The issue is the congress is trying to determine the legitimacy of John using taxpayer money and the push for drastic so-called eco friendly measures. To be clear, it has not been proven that humans production of emissions into the atmosphere is actually causing world-wide destruction. Additionally,

See a clip of that exchange below…

Source: https://rare.us/rare-news/thank-you-for-the-opportunity-to-hang-myself-john-kerry-answers-to-hearing-on-climate-change-video/