Theme Park Apologizes For RuPaul Drag Performer Simulating Sex Acts In Front Of Kids, Vows To Never Host ‘Pride’ Events Again

A disturbing video from the Adventure Island theme park in Essex, England shows a RuPaul’s Drag Race performer sexually dancing with an angle grinder in front of an audience featuring children.

The individual, wearing a blonde wig, a leotard, high heels and fishnet stockings, repeatedly pressed the grinder against their crotch area during the routine to simulate masturbation.

The drag performer, Colin Munro, appeared on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race BBC as the drag queen, “Crystal.”

A woman who used to go to the theme park with her kids told MailOnline, “I won’t be going back and I won’t be taking my kids there. That is a line you don’t cross. That tells me everything you need to know about how they value children.” 

The woman also said the video of the dance routine was filmed by a friend of hers “who was horrified when the act began while he was with his young child.”

The drag performer defended the routine in a statement to MailOnline, saying, “My act is no different to what you might see on Britain’s Got Talent, from Lady Gaga on MTV, or from a street performer in Covent Garden. This is deemed ‘sexual’ solely because I was performing in drag.”

On Tuesday, Executive Chairman of Adventure Island Philip Miller told MailOnline in a statement the “grinding act” was “definitely a nonstarter” since it wasn’t “family entertainment” and promised the park won’t hire Crystal again or take part in any “pride” celebrations in the future.

This story serves as yet another example of woke corporations learning the hard way that average citizens are fed up with having their children sexualized by the LGBT cult.