Trump Responds To Secret Service’s Closure Of Cocaine Investigation Without Suspect

Former President Trump is responded to news that the Secret Service has concluded their investigation into cocaine being found in the White House without a suspect.

Trump had previously called for the release of the White House security tapes of the event in a post to Truth Social. Trump also correctly predicted that the footage would be ‘lost’ in a post to Truth Social just three days ago. That post reads…

The public is demanding to know the White House “Cocaine Story.” Just like I QUICKLY PROVIDED SECURITY TAPES FROM MAR-a-LAGO on the BOXES HOAX, the White House has Security Cameras (far more than Mar-a-Lago!) all over the place, especially the location in question. THEY 100% KNOW WHO IT IS. If they don’t release information, it means they destroyed the tapes & the Cocaine was for use by Hunter, & probably Crooked Joe, in order to give this total disaster of a President a little life and energy!

Former President Donald Trump

Now the former President is following up on his statement, sending out a Truth Social post today that reads as following…

It has just been announced that the “investigation” of Cocaine in the White House has ended. Despite all of the cameras pointing directly at the “scene of the crime,” and the greatest forensics anywhere in the World, they just can’t figure it out? They know the answer, and so does everyone else! In the meantime, they continue to target and investigate me, for years, in what has been called the greatest Witch Hunt of all time – Over NOTHING!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE & a Two Tier Level of Justice.