Trump Reveals How Joe Biden Will Decimate American Jobs

Former President Trump warned that the regulatory drive for EVs will eliminate employment in Michigan while on a pit stop in America’s car manufacturing center this week.

Trump criticized President Biden at a speech to Republicans in Oakland County because of his “environmental extremism” that is putting “ridiculous restrictions” on the EV business, according to The Hill.

“Driven by Biden’s ludicrous rules, electric cars will eliminate over half of American automotive jobs and destroy the suppliers that they’ve already decimated — destroy the suppliers, and it’ll decimate your jobs, and it’ll harm the state of Michigan more than anyone else,” Trump added. “There will be decimation. It will be on a scale beyond what people can possibly fathom.”

He said, “Michigan is going to be decimated. It will be on a scale beyond what people can possibly fathom.”

By 2032, the Biden administration hopes to electrify 67% of all the commercial passenger cars bought in this country. In a fact sheet, the White House announced initiatives in the automotive sector with the goal of increasing EV sales to 50% of all sales of new vehicles by 2030. Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which aims “to bring a safe, clean, affordable, and dependable transportation future to Americans,” includes tax incentives for those consumers who buy both new and used EVs.

More than 175,000 people are employed in the car sector in Michigan, which drives the state’s economy. With support from the White House, Ford, and GM, both Michigan-based automakers, have shifted their production toward EVs. According to reports from last week, a $9.2 billion loan meant to aid in the development of three electric car battery factories in Kentucky and Tennessee will enable Ford to collect the largest government cheque for an automaker since the 2009 bailouts.

The development of an EV battery plant facility with connections to the Chinese Communist Party will be largely funded by the state of Michigan, according to a contract approved by Michigan lawmakers earlier this year.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which Trump signed as president and praised in his address, was said to be aimed at guaranteeing that “more vehicles are produced in American factories using American workers.” The former president then declared to the Michigan gathering that Biden-led Democrats “want all vehicles to be fully electric.”

Trump said, “Except you don’t produce too many all-electric automobiles. You already know who does — China.”