Tucker Carlson Calls Out Anti-Democracy Zelensky Regime for Canceling Elections, Jailing US Journalist

Tucker Carlson spoke out against the anti-democracy Zelensky regime on the latest episode of his independent Tucker on Twitter program after Zelensky indicated that he will cancel Ukraine’s upcoming elections. Carlson also called on the Zelensky regime to release US journalist Gonzalo Lira from custody. Lira was arrested by Ukrainian authorities last month and accused of “producing pro-Russian propaganda,” after his coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian War displeased the Ukrainian government.

Tucker Carlson spoke out against the permanent political class for telling Americans that “the Ukrainian people are fighting the fight for their democracy and ours as well,” despite the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently stated in a news interview that the martial law he’s declared will cause elections to be canceled until after the Russo-Ukrainian War is over.

“It looks like they’re not going to be able to vote in Kiev anymore,” said Carlson. “And no, for once it’s not Putin’s fault. Democracy in Ukraine seems to be suspended by the world’s foremost democracy advocate himself, Field Marshall Zelensky,” Carlson said, before rolling a clip from Zelensky’s anti-democracy interview.

“Will there be elections in Ukraine next year?” a news anchor asked the Ukrainian President.

“This is a global question,” said Zelensky. “If we win, there will be. So there will be no wartime (martial law) no war. Elections should be held in peacetime, when there is no war, according to the law.”

“He says ‘if we win we’ll let people vote. Otherwise, no. You’ll vote when we feel like it. Because ultimately we’re completely in charge and make all the rules, your job is to obey or be punished. That’s our version of self-government. Self means ME. I’m the government’,” Carlson said, summarizing Zelensky’s statement.

“In a clip less than 30 seconds long, [Zelensky] just blew up our entire rationale for supporting his side of the war.”

In addition to slamming Zelensky’s suppression of the voting process, Carlson called for the release of American citizen journalist Gonzalo Lira, who was arrested last month in a raid by Ukrainian authorities and accused of producing “pro-Russian propaganda.”

Lira is being held in a Ukrainian prison because the Zelensky regime disagreed with his coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian War and Ukraine’s political situation.

“Just last month, Zelensky threw a man called Gonzalo Lira into prison indefinitely, for the crime of daring to write about the Ukrainian government in unflattering ways. Now what’s different about this, what separates this from other such cases is that Lira is an American citizen.”

Joe Biden “could have freed Gonzalo Lira within hours, but he didn’t. He didn’t want to. He didn’t say a word about it. [Gonzalo Lira] remains in prison tonight.”

Source: https://nationalfile.com/video-tucker-carlson-calls-out-anti-democracy-zelensky-regime-for-canceling-elections-jailing-us-journalist/