Video: Rand Paul Is Engaged In An All Out War Against Fauci

Appearing on Jesse Watters’ show Monday, Paul explained how shady Fauci’s taxpayer reimbursed perks are.

“HHS (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) actually came back to us and said they haven’t been paying for it since January. But then we discovered that Fox did a Freedom of Information Act and a judge forced them to say that, well, while HHS wasn’t directly funding it, the U.S. Marshals were funding it,” Paul noted.

Paul continued, “We asked the government, ‘are you funding his limo, and driver, and security detail,’ and they say, ‘Oh, we’re not doing it, but oh, somebody else is doing it, and we’re reimbursing them?’”

“It’s a terrible example of the government lying to its representatives and to the people. But also, why is a retired guy, the only retired official I know of that gets this kind of treatment is a former president,” Paul continued, urging “I have no idea why this bureaucrat still has a limo driver security detail.”

“He’s a rich man. His wealth increased by 30% during the pandemic,” Paul pointed out, also pondering whether Fauci has access to pro bono legal representation in retirement, asserting that he will need it soon.

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