What Is Fueling Trumps Consistent Lead?

Democrats, the political left and anti-Trump Republicans keep scratching their heads in bewilderment at Trump’s ability to sustain an impressive lead in the polls – especially among millions of Republican primary voters.

Outside of a stunning victory in 2016, Republican fortunes have not fared well under Trump’s leadership.  The GOP lost the Senate, lost the House, lost the White House, barely reclaimed the House (in an election that should have produced a red wave and even reclaimed the Senate) and lost state and local elections across the nation.  The most notable defeats were among candidates endorsed by Trump.

Trump has a bellicose and pugnacious personally – picking needless fights often with childish name-calling.  His personal life is … shall we say … messy, with all sorts of sexual scandals.  He has paid money to silence porn performer Stormy Daniels.  He lost millions of dollars on a sexual assault civil case brought by E. Jean Carroll.  His Foundation was shut down and he was fined by the courts.  His academic school suffered the same.  The Trump Organization was convicted on 17 counts of tax fraud, falsify business records and grand larceny.

However one may view the legitimacy of the various court cases – or the ultimate verdicts – Trump was and is embroiled in an unprecedented number of criminal legal actions for anyone, much less a former President of the United States.  He has been indicted in New York City for election finance fraud.  He has been indicted by federal Special Counsel Jack Smith in conjunction with the White House documents.

It is virtually certain that Trump will soon be indicted in conjunction with his post-election activities – including the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill.  He is likely to be indicted for his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

And then there are a number of other court fights that do not make it to the headlines.

  1. His estranged niece, Mary Trump, is suing Trump and his kids claiming they cheated her out of millions of dollars from the grandfather’s estate.
  2. A former “Apprentice” contestant, Summer Servos, is suing for defamation – alleging Trump sexually assaulted her and lied about it.
  3. The New York Attorney General is investigating whether Trump and his business committed tax fraud by arbitrarily manipulating the value of his properties.
  4. E. Jean Carroll is relitigating the case against Trump after he allegedly made defamatory remarks about her after the case was settled.

Whew!  That is more baggage than a Samsonite warehouse.  Prior to the Trump rise to political prominence any of these would have ended a political career.  Whatever you think of Trump, we should all be able to agree that he is a political phenomenon.  But why?

The answer that seems to vex those on the left is complex.  A lot of factors come into play.  If there is a common thread – an overarching explanation for Trump’s sustained popularity – is simple.  As bad as he is at least half the country thinks Joe Biden and the Democrats are a worse option.

Consider this.  When old Uncle Joe Biden is compared to Trump in recent polls, the folks back home split even.  Sometimes Biden is ahead in the polls – sometimes Trump.  Neither of them exceeds 50 percent favorability.  In fact, voters by wide margins – in the 60 to 70 percent range – would prefer to have them both exit the political stage.  In terms of the policy issues, Trump has generally maintained a lead over Biden – but policy issues are being trumped (no pun intended) by Trump’s personal issues – but not enough to give Biden a clear lead.

Much of the left-leaning media has made it a mission to pound and pound on Trump and the Republican Party.  Networks like MSNBC have evolved into propaganda outlets for the progressive anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-conservative Democrats.  They prosecute their case against all the aforementioned in an endless loop.  In my opinion, their excesses have brought about some of the backlash that benefits Trump.  It is one thing to attack Trump but quite another to attack the intelligence and decency of tens of millions of Americans. 

There may also be a counterbalance to bad Trump.  That is good Trump.  Despite the pounding from Democrats and that media allies, many American like some of what Trump did as President.  They are not buying the constant negative spin.  They like that he had a successful policy to protect the southern border.  They like that he achieved the unprecedented Abraham Accords to mitigate hostilities in the Middle East.  Like the Space Force.  They like the unprecedented speed in creating the Covid vaccine. They like the pre-Covid economic growth.  They like that he got NATO members to pay more of their financial obligations.  They like that he got North Korea to cease missile testing and returning the remains of MIAs.  They like that he attacked Libya for using chemical weapons.  A lot of Americans even like his Supreme Court picks.  And the list goes on.

Conversely, there are a lot of things to dislike about Biden and the Democrats.  People are genuinely concerned about the impact of aging on Biden.  They are consequently concerned about his choice of a running mate.  Polling strongly suggests that they dislike his essentially open border policies.  They dislike his and the Democrats approach to crime.  They dislike his decision and mismanagement of Afghanistan.  They dislike the Democrats promotion of identity politics, political correctness and so-called woke policies.  Folks on both sides dislike his approach to the Ukraine War.  And of course, Biden has his issues with White House documents and of personal integrity a la his son Hunter.

Yes, there are things not to like about Trump or to like about Biden, but it is not a one-sided ledger – and that is something those on the left seem to not understand – or refuse to consider in their abjectly negative reporting on Trump and Republicans.   

Those on the left do not understand Trump’s political vitality because they cannot understand anyone who disagrees with their views and their policies. In their own minds, they are the possessors of truth.  The rest of us are wrong … and dangerous.  If you do not agree, you are either evil or stupid.  I see that as another reason for the backlash benefiting Trump.

Personally, I too am surprised by Trump’s pollical durability.  There are reasons for it, however.  It is just that those on the left — and those who report from the left– cannot even conceive of the reasons.  Would it not be ironic if it were those on the left – who most vehemently hate Trump and Republicans – are the ones to get him a second term in the Oval Office.  

To my friends on the left … there are reasons why Trump sustains.  You do not get it even though YOU are one of the main reasons.  Despite all your propaganda and your incessant attack on Trump and the GOP brand, it appears that at least half of America still does not want you or your policies in charge.

So, there ‘tis.

Source: https://punchingbagpost.com/what-is-fueling-trumps-consistent-lead/