Woman Is FURIOUS After She Was Asked To Leave Restaurant Because Of Her Cleavage…

f you want to into one Paris restaurant, you had a better button-up. TikToker Polska Babinks said she learned that lesson the hard way. This after she and a pal supposedly were denied entry for showing too much cleavage.

Now, the TikTok influencer bashed a Paris restaurant owner for not letting her enter the eatery because of her revealing dress.

Babinks has more than 708K followers on her TikTok account and is quite famous for posting videos wearing low-cut dresses.

In a now-viral video clip that she posted on her TikTok on October 31, people could see Polska arguing with the restaurant owner.

According to Daily Mail, when the influencer and her female friend were denied entry into the restaurant, she started having a heated exchange with the owner. She even tried to explain to the other customers that she was being mistreated.

“My friend Tootatis and I were prevented from entering this restaurant because of our cleavage,” Babinks wrote in the text on top of the video, which was translated from the French language into English.

Babinks wears a pink set with a plunging crop top and a miniskirt. Her friend wears a tight black shirt and pants with red ribbons tied at the knees, elbows, and wrists.

In the clip, you can see that the manager claims that there is a dress code to enter, to which Babinks replies, “But you’re the one writing the rules, I don’t understand.” Beauty and fashion tiktoker called the manager “sexist”

The post shows that the place is almost empty and Babinks tries to convince the manager to let them in, but he even says “call the police”.

As fate may have it, she was able to record the episode for all the world to see what those inside the restaurant could not.

The viral video was captioned with “A neckline = No restaurants,” per the translation to English from the young woman’s native French.

The entire video is Babinks debating, in French, with the owner of the establishment. Clearly, she fought a losing battle.

While Babinks considers herself a victim in this scenario, the vast majority of those who bothered to comment sided with the restaurant.

“It’s not a nightclub it’s a restaurant it’s totally normal that he doesn’t accept it’s not a striptease bar,” read one comment.

“Where’s the scandal? He doesn’t want bare b**bs in his restaurant,” another read.

Watch the video below for more details:


Un décolté = pas de restaurants 😍

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