10 Signs That We Really Are Living in Apocalyptic Times

Time is running out for humanity.  Our world becomes a little bit more like a really bad science fiction movie with each passing day, and our self-destructive tendencies are slowly but surely transforming our society into a living nightmare.  Given enough time, we would destroy ourselves and everything around us.  On a very basic level, most people can feel that global events are starting to spiral out of control. Evil is growing all around us, and just about everything that our leaders do to solve our rapidly growing problems seems to make them even worse.  The pace of change just keeps getting faster and faster, and many fear that this will soon lead to widespread chaos all over the globe.  The following are 10 signs that we really are living in apocalyptic times…

#1 Leaders all over the world seem to be catching “war fever”, and the Biden administration just made a military conflict with China even more likely by announcing a 345 million dollar weapons package for Taiwan

The Biden regime is sending $345 million in weapons to Taiwan as they look to create another proxy war against China similar to the proxy war they have set up in Ukraine with Russia.

The U.S. made the announcement on Saturday. In response to the news, China has made it clear they will not be backing down.

“No matter how much of the ordinary people’s taxpayer money the … Taiwanese separatist forces spend, no matter how many U.S. weapons, it will not shake our resolve to solve the Taiwan problem. Or shake our firm will to realize the reunification of our motherland,” said Chen Binhua, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of China.

#2 Both sides just continue to escalate the war in Ukraine, and now the Russians are openly warning that they could potentially use nuclear weapons

The Kremlin today bluntly threatened use of nuclear weapons in the wake of the Ukrainian drone strike on Moscow’s skyscraper zone.

Three drones struck an elite office building and residential skyscraper in Moscow early Sunday morning in what Russia’s Defence Ministry has branded an ‘attempted terrorist attack by the Kyiv regime’.

Dmitry Medvedev, a former Russian president and Putin ally, has warned there is ‘simply no other way out’ and said that Kyiv should ‘pray to our warriors’ that they do not ‘allow the global nuclear fire to flare up’.

#3 According to the United Nations, 2.4 billion people already do not have enough food to eat.  And now that the Black Sea grain deal has broken down and India has placed severe restrictions on rice exports, we are being warned that global food prices could soon go much higher

Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), said the price of bread and breakfast cereals were most likely to increase given Ukraine’s role as one of the breadmakers of the world.

Rice supplies are now also under pressure after India restricted most exports, which the World Bank warned on Monday (July 31) would cause “considerable increases in world prices and induce price volatility”.

#4 Pestilences are raging all over the globe, and many old diseases are now making stunning comebacks.  For example, Florida has now become the epicenter for an outbreak of leprosy in the United States

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Health officials say that cases of leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, are surging in Central Florida.

In a research letter, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that Central Florida has accounted for 81 percent of reported cases in the state and almost one-fifth of reported cases nationwide.

#5 Global weather patterns have gone completely nuts.  For example, Phoenix just had a streak where the high temperature reached at least 110 degrees for 31 days in a row

Phoenix sizzled through its 31st consecutive day of at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit and other parts of the country grappled Sunday with record temperatures after a week that saw significant portions of the U.S. population subject to extreme heat.

#6 Men are getting pregnant and giving birth to babies

A 22-year-old transgender man has given birth to twins after going through six rounds of artificial insemination in a bid to get pregnant.

Aaden Darr, a Starbucks barista from Charleston, West Virginia, was born biologically female but came out as transgender at 16 years old after identifying as a lesbian for several years and started a course of testosterone.

However, he soon came to realize that it was his dream to have a biological child – so he put a stop to his hormonal treatment and visited his local family planning clinic in order to begin the process of having a baby.

#7 Technology continues to increase at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking.  In fact, it is being reported that scientists have developed a “breakthrough” treatment which “appears to annihilate all solid tumors”

Scientists have developed what may be a “holy grail” molecule that eradicates all solid cancer tumors while leaving other cells unaffected. The breakthrough was achieved by the team at the City of Hope Hospital, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the United States, and targets the proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) protein.

A mutated form of PCNA assists cancers in their repair and growth. The team has developed a molecule, AOH1996, that targets and eradicates the mutated PCNA. Previously, PCNA was considered too challenging to be a target for therapy, but AOH1996 appears to annihilate all solid tumors in preclinical research.

#8 Scientists are bringing ancient species back to life.  For instance, it is being reported that one team of researchers was recently able to “reanimate” worms that had been frozen for thousands of years

Scientists have managed to reanimate worms that were frozen for an estimated 46,000 years.

Thought to have lived in the late Pleistocene era, a small group of the worms found 40 metres deep in the Siberian permafrost have been thawed out and revived.

#9 Deaths from heart attacks have been surging dramatically in every age group in the United States

NBC’s the Today show reported, “A national study from Cedars Sinai hospital shows the deaths related to heart attacks increased across every age group since the spring of 2020, but the group that saw the biggest increase isn’t who you might think… The relative increase in heart attack-associated deaths among 25-44-year-olds was a staggering 30%… Experts are still working to figure out why young people are so impacted.”

#10 Our soil and water are already heavily saturated with microplastics, and now we are being told that this crisis is getting “exponentially” worse

NOT EVEN THE Arctic Ocean is immune to the incessant growth of microplastic pollution. In a new study that analyzed sediment core samples, researchers quantified how many of the particles have been deposited since the early 1930s. As scientists have shown elsewhere, the team found that microplastic contamination in the Arctic has been growing exponentially and in lockstep with the growth of plastic production—which is now up to a trillion pounds a year, with the global amount of plastic waste projected to triple by 2060.

If you don’t understand why microplastics are a very serious existential threat to our society, you really need to read my most recent book.  Given enough time, microplastics would completely collapse our civilization even if none of the other very serious problems that we are currently dealing with existed.

Of course the same thing could be said about nuclear war, global famine, AI and a number of other cataclysmic threats that we are now facing.

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We really are living in apocalyptic times, and the months and years ahead of us promise to be very “interesting” indeed.