Ai-Generated Voice of ‘Trump the Don’ Belts ‘First Day Out’ Rap Song; Rapper Gets Mugshot Tattoo on Thigh

Former President Donald Trump’s instantly famous mugshot courtesy of an overzealous Democratic prosecutor looking to shape the 2024 presidential election is proving to be an enterprising occurrence for all.

Trump has raised more than $9.4 million since his Fulton County, Georgia mugshot was released last week, with his campaign topping $20 million for the month of August, according to Fox News — Trump swag featuring the scowling mugshot along with the phrase “Never Surrender” includes T-shirts, mugs, beverage coolers, and bumper stickers.

The mugshot gave Trump street cred in the eyes of many. The image is so hot a rapper in Chicago had it inked on his leg.

Rapper Bandman Kevo, whose real name is Kevin Ford, had the former president’s mugshot tattooed on his thigh along with the phrase: “Make America Great Again”

Ford shared a video of the inking on X, along with the caption: “We need trump back.” In an Instagram post of the same video, he wrote: “Make America Great Again or Sleepy Joe.”

The mugshot has been printed on hats, t-shirts, and mugs by those induced with an entrepreneurial spirit, whether pro-Trump or anti-Trump.

Hell, there’s even a rap song about the mugshot making the rounds featuring an AI-generated voice Trump the Don — it has drawn nearly 3 million views as of this writing.

“Out on bail, out on bail. I won’t see inside a cell,” read the lyrics. “Imma beat them RICO charges. And if I go to prison. You can’t do me like the Clintons. I’ll be laid up, eating steak with Secret Service chillin.’”

“Screaming ‘orange man bad!’ The whole world mad. Thug life, shout out all of my Maga-based Chads,” the song adds. “Coming for the deep state. I will stop the New World Order. But before that I’ll finish walls at the border.”

Put out by “Hi-Rez The Rapper,” the artist had to also lay down a disclaimer of sorts, tweeting: “Btw, I will be releasing my real music in coming weeks hahaha I am just having too much fun with this sh*t. Don’t care who unfollows or hates it tbh I am having a blast lol!”