AP Poll: Almost 70% Of DEMOCRATS Say Biden Too Old To Run Again

Most respondents associate Biden with the words “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” “elderly,” “aging,” “senile” and “dementia”

A new Associated Press/NORC poll has found that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe Joe Biden to be too old to run for a second term as president, with a huge amount of Democrats concurring.

In total 77 percent of Americans say Biden is too old to carry out a second term. Unsurprisingly, 89 percent of Republicans feel this way, yet the poll also found that 69 percent of Democrats agree.

The poll found that fewer than half of Americans said former President Trump is too old to hold office.

The poll also included a word association section asking respondents to say the first word or phrase that comes to mind for Biden.

A total of 28% of Democrats mentioned some variation of “old,” “outdated,” “retire,” “elderly,” “aging,” “senile” and “dementia”.

Most Democrats said they leaned more toward terms higlighting Biden’s age over “president,” “leader,” “strong” or “capable.”

A further 15% of respondents on the whole associated Biden with the words “slow,” “confused,” “idiot,” “ignorant,” “sleepy,” “gaffe” and “bumbling,” according to the poll, while only 1% of respondents responded that Biden was “smart,” “wise” or “knowledgeable.”

Hilariously, the AP notes that one Republican said “potato,” as the first word that came to mind for Biden.

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