Biden Humiliates Himself With This Cancer Comment

This week, Joe Biden made an appearance in the East Room of the White House to support a new effort that would require insurance providers to pay for mental healthcare at the very same level as they do for physical healthcare. On that subject, it could be a morally acceptable endeavor, but it won’t assist with the ridiculous expenses that are presently crushing American households. Since the advent of Obamacare, insurance rates have soared (despite claims that government intervention would cause them to decrease). Increased coverage requirements will only result in higher premiums. Nobody would contest the importance of mental health, but I’m not convinced the best approach to address the problem is to bankrupt more Americans.

Regardless, the actual story of Biden’s news conference was not the material, but the guy delivering it. There were the usual signs of senility that we have all grown accustomed to seeing whenever the president appears in public.

And this wasn’t just a solitary slip of the tongue. After declaring that “over 100 people” perished from COVID, Biden continues, “That’s 100 chairs that were empty at the kitchen table.” Probably since he was merely reading what he believed the teleprompter stated, he never even noticed he had made a mistake. When Biden speaks, there doesn’t seem to be much brain processing going on. It is only monotonous repetition, and at his senior age, even that frequently fails.

Then, Biden promoted a law that would allegedly provide kids more privacy rights. He leans in as he begins saying into the microphone at the conclusion of the video, “Pass it, pass it, pass it.” Several times, you are able to see him squinting while reading the teleprompter in the area in front of him, which is a large television rather than a typical teleprompter.

In response to Biden’s questioning, I can say with certainty that I am aware of the internet activities of children since my own children are not permitted to use social media. However, I think the president’s worries are totally fabricated and absurd. Keep in mind that this is the same individual who complained about “book banning” when Florida approved a law barring explicit pornography from school libraries. Biden would not advocate for books like Gender Queer and urge that instructors be permitted to have sexual conversations with their pupils if he were genuinely worried about what youngsters are exposed to.

But I digress, there was one statement made by Biden that had everyone perplexed. In particular, he asserted that his presidency “ended cancer as we know it.

”As I’ve already stated, I believe Biden’s politicization to be disgusting. It is awful to reduce something as deadly as cancer to some pointless White House endeavor that has had no real impact. Every day of the week, real individuals with cancer suffer and pass away. They don’t deserve to have their trust placed in dishonest politicians who want to claim credit for actions they didn’t perform. Joe Biden won’t be responsible if cancer is ever completely eradicated as a threat to the world.