Biden Makes No Sense, Starts Whispering During New Mexico Speech

President Joe Biden delivered a speech in New Mexico today that focused on his economic policies. The stage that Biden spoke from had a background that read ‘Bidenomics.’

This rally is yet another installment in the strategy of the Biden White House to repeatedly lie about the state of the American economy. Prices are up 16%, wages are down 3%, and yet the Biden Administration continues to brag.

During his speech in New Mexico, Biden brought back his creepy whisper. The President can be quoted as saying during that strange segment of his speech, “No President has paid much attention to that, but guess what? I’m paying attention.”

See a clip of that creepy moment below…

At one point during his speech, Biden seemed to lose it, mumbling about jobs and money while making no sense at all. “The problem was too many people are working! Or working people are working making too much money. That’s not the problem,” Biden said.

See a clip of that moment below…

It appears, even after ten days of rest in Delaware, that Biden is still struggling. Rest cannot repair whatever is ailing this President.

Completely lost!