Is Kamala Harris the Worst Vice President Ever?

Many believe that Kamala Harris is the worst Vice President to ever hold the office, or at least in recent memory.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, when likely voters were asked whether Kamala Harris was performing better or worse than previous vice presidents, the results were strikingly unfavorable.  A significant 50% of respondents deemed her performance worse, while only 22% saw an improvement, and 24% perceived no difference.

These opinions hold significance as they might influence Biden’s reelection prospects.The survey also inquired whether Harris was aiding or harming Biden’s chances, and a notable margin of 33% to 22% indicated that her presence was more damaging than beneficial. Equally significant is the fact that 41% believed Harris’s influence was negligible.

In the midst of these findings, George Skelton, a seasoned political columnist for the Los Angeles Times, suggested a solution to Biden’s potential conundrum.

Skelton proposed that Biden replace Harris and offer her a path back to California, where she could potentially take the seat of Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Skelton claims Harris’s association could be hampering Biden’s chances at a second term. He articulated, “Biden’s problem is Harris. She’s a burden — a drag on his reelection prospects.”

This idea of replacement isn’t new; even Democratic pollster John Zogby has floated the same notion in a recent podcast.

However, despite these suggestions gaining traction, Biden has demonstrated no intentions of altering his choice. A recent memo to supporters reinforced his commitment to Harris, claiming that her selection was “one of the best decisions I made” and that she remains “the perfect choice.”

Despite Biden’s unwavering stance, the survey results from Rasmussen indicate that Harris’s popularity among voters remains in murky waters. The poll revealed that only 42% hold a favorable view of the vice president, while a more significant 53% have an unfavorable opinion.

Rasmussen underscored the concerning trend surrounding Harris’s standing: “Most voters continue to have a low opinion of Vice President Kamala Harris and don’t see her as a helpful running mate for President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign.”
Indeed, the Rasmussen figures are hardly surprising given that Harris has consistently polled under 50% since 2021.

Her ability to capture voters’ imagination is debatable, and she has been noted for her tendency to reiterate points and offer self-evident explanations and other gaffes and “word salad” when addressing the public.