Matt Walsh: Whites Are Trending Toward Extinction In the United States

A few quick points:

1. First, we are deep in a crisis era, not normal times. Elites have fragmented. The country is deeply polarized. The civic order that was established after World War II has decayed beyond the point of no return. Taboos are rapidly eroding. Norms are being tossed aside with each passing day. The overwhelming majority of the population was born after World War II and no longer remembers it.

2. Second, we exited the red pilling / metapolitics stage years ago. We are now in a mass radicalization phase. Partisans are now rapidly moving to opposing poles. The middle ground is vanishing.

3. Third, metapolitical change happens slowly, then rapidly. John Dewey, William James, Franz Boas and their ilk had been at it for decades, but their views only became ascendant and then hegemonic during the Great Depression and World War II era. The liberal victory in World War II over the Nazis cemented their views as the cornerstone of the new order.