Megyn Kelly Weighs in On Media Suppressing Obama’s Writings About His Fantasies

Podcast host Megyn Kelly expressed her belief that major news outlets deliberately overlooked reports concerning former President Barack Obama’s personal writings in which he allegedly discussed fantasies involving other men.

David Garrow, a biographer, recently shared in an interview that Obama once penned a letter to an ex-girlfriend in which he talked about such fantasies. These letters, now housed at Emory University, were seemingly ignored both by the media and by the university.

Sharing her perspective on the issue, Kelly voiced her suspicion regarding the media’s intentions, suggesting that there might have been an effort to protect Obama from potentially embarrassing disclosures.

Kelly commented, “If there had been a letter from Trump discussing similar fantasies, it would be headline news everywhere. From my viewpoint in the media, it appears as though there’s an attempt by the media to safeguard him from potential embarrassments, especially when it pertains to Barack Obama.”

“To me it’s like the elevation of Barack Obama was important to the left in this country, it was important to them, it was, you’ve made this point too that they were working something out of their own about their own history, their own feelings on race and so on and factoring in you know, yes, point taken that Sheila is half Japanese too but also half dutch, so she looks white, so a white-ish ex-girlfriend, fantasizing about having gay sex that was not part of the program that no one would have any interest in that, they only wanted to elevate the 2004 Democratic National Convention speaker,” Kelly said.

In 1992, Obama tied the knot with his wife, the former First Lady Michelle Obama.