President Biden Makes Nation-Shaking Confession That May Cost Him DEARLY…

Americans were annoyed to find out that Joe Biden has invested 360 days– nearly a year– of his time in workplace on holiday. Instead of burning the midnight oil, Biden is unwinding at his beachside villa. Instead of working overtime to conserve our country, Biden is jetting off to dine with his friends.It appears Biden is getting a lot time off due to the fact that he needs it. The man is 80 years old, the oldest to serve as “president.” We’ve seen repeatedly how typically he has a hard time to do even standard things like walk or respond to a concern. And while attempting to cater a basketball group, he makes this shocking confession.From Twitter:

Joe Biden says that, just like the Houston Astros, people consider him past his prime.

Joe Biden states that, just like the Houston Astros, people consider him past his prime.— (@townhallcom) August 7, 2023

Yikes. Biden says that he is “previous his prime” while talking to the Houston Astros. You can see how unpleasant the group is, being forced to support this geezer. Biden babbled on, as he typically doesn’t, making little if any sense.

He tried to make a joke, but it was just too true. It’s not just individuals who consider you past your prime, Joe. You are previous your prime. When has anyone wanted an 80-year-old to lead anything? Not a great deal of 80-year-olds heading major corporations.

Few leading armies into battle. Not many doing much of anything … other than sleeping in a rocking chair.

Yet we are supposed to think a guy like Joe Biden is suitabled for office? His very first 3 years have actually been an unmitigated catastrophe. He is accountable for a trashed economy, war overseas, an open border, widespread crime, and offenses of our civil liberties (simply among others).

Anyone with half a brain will state Biden is not certified to lead this country. Yet the media anticipates us to play along with excellent old “Uncle Joe.” A man who appears more concerned with cashing out and selling us out to the highest bidder.