Verified Hate: The Demand for Racism Exceeds the Supply

One of the realities of living under an anti-white world order is that majority-white countries invent racist pasts so they can justify giving money to non-whites. In Canada, this has led to a ridiculous fairy tale about residential schools killing Indians. This inspired a spate of church arsons. The clergy met these attacks with strange silence; perhaps their faith simply isn’t strong enough to compete with a more militant creed. However, the facts don’t seem to be matching up with this genocide story.

Don’t worry. Canada is debating whether to outlaw “residential school denialism.” That’s the way democracy works — doubting certain things is illegal.

Speaking of groups that want to outlaw things, The Anti-Defamation League is perhaps the most powerful group calling for more censorship on X. It has also worked to get advertisers to boycott it. Nonetheless, the group itself is still welcome on X, even though Jared Taylor is not. However, that doesn’t mean they have everything their own way.

It has since been deleted, but for a while, that tweet featured this Community Note:

Maybe they will demand a law on Leo Frank Denialism.

Our fellow citizens and their wacky hijinks:

Some people may be angry about the recent fires in Hawaii and the poor emergency response. Will they be angry enough to change their vote? Unlikely. Their outrage doesn’t matter.

Don’t worry, they are building up a new storyline that it is about colonialism and climate change. Somehow, this is still your fault and you will need to pay for it.

We are not the only white advocates banned on X. However, you might be wondering about some tweets and accounts that are still up. Here are some examples:

Actually, Malcolm X was just running a sad minstrel show for guilty liberal whites by the end.

You might think Christian leaders would be worried about the collapse of Christianity. Perhaps some are. However, some of the most vocal on X are worried about . . . white nationalism.

Few Christian leaders seem worried about ethnocentrism by other groups.

That said, we are gaining ground in the conservative movement. Matt Walsh once opposed the “groypers” and tried to answer them with lazy, left-wing bilge. Today, he sounds like us.

White “racism” is a form of “madness,” and yet, everyone wants to live with us.

Many white conservatives, especially older ones, fantasize about a colorblind society. They seem to be some of the few who really believe in it (Martin Luther King Jr. certainly didn’t.) One of the most common clips they pass around is Morgan Freeman pushing back on the concept of black history month in 2005. For example, this clip is hosted by Young America’s Foundation. Conservatives desperately want blacks to give them permission to be opposed to affirmative action, even if it is just some actor.

Mr. Freeman seems to have reversed course. Now he wants black history in Britain.

Few people are actually opposed to racial nationalism. They are simply opposed to it being practiced by whites. However, the nation’s most prestigious newspaper can print this:

The truth is that it is whites who have no political representation. There may be whites in office, but there are no white officeholders who exercise political authority on behalf of whites and for the benefit of whites. White nationalism is the solution to that problem.

The Blind Side is a film that seems custom made for flatter race-blind white conservatives. A Southern family adopts a black kid so he can play football, and everyone moves past race to root for the home team. Once again, conservatives seek moral absolution at the hands of blacks.

However, real life isn’t a movie. Football star Michael Oher is now saying he was never adopted and says he hasn’t made any money from the film, leading to a possible legal fight. NPR now says the movie itself is trying to hide the real problem.

(I can’t link to the actual author because she protected her posts, like a good journalist.)

This is what’s going to happen no matter what you do. Why bother?

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter (now X) has disappointed us. However, there are some posts that are getting more circulation. For example, we probably wouldn’t have even known about this story before.

System mascot “Ida Bae Wells” tweeted the following after a black DA indicted Donald Trump.

To her, “democracy” means going after political enemies.

Finally, let’s reflect on the following. It’s bad in the United States, but it is worse in Britain. At least we can write about it in America without being arrested.

Future historians won’t believe that the Britain helped win World War II.