Watch: Our New Hero Insists on Buying Fruit With Cash at a Cashless Store, Defies Them to Call the Police as He Leaves

Sneaking in before the deadline, we here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website are declaring this man to be our Content King for the month of July. He didn’t start the day wanting to be a hero. Our man just wanted to buy some bloody strawberries. That’s where he learned what a cashless store was. And the cashless store learned they can go f*ck themselves.

A better IRL version of Jean Valjean I cannot imagine.

“If you want to call the police, call the police. I have paid my legal tender. And I’m going to leave with my strawberries. I’m going to eat my strawberries. I paid my legal tender in this dystopian place.”

Shout out to this guy applauding, who would have given our hero a standing ovation if… you know.

There is context missing because obviously there was a dispute before this video starts. No one in the store had the foresight to remember to do it for the content early on and whip out their smartphones.

What we missed was the man being informed that his $4.22 purchase (I converted to real American money since none of you care about the pound sterling) needed to be made via credit card or cash app. Our hero said that was bollocks and that he wasn’t going to put a five-dollar purchase on his credit card. Also, they can take their ApplePay and stick it up their nose. The clerk said “Then you don’t get strawberries” and our hero started his patriotic dissent.

Now if I can be serious for a moment…

The idea of a “cashless” society is a controversial one. The Associated Press has issued a “fact” “check” claiming a video showing an elitist telling you the coming digital cashless society will be regulated and undesirable purchases will be controlled is misleading and out of context. They also claimed Democrats didn’t want to ban gas stoves. The fact that these words are even being said out loud is the problem.

Is the Left saying verbatim “We are going to use digital currency to control what you are allowed to buy?” No. Would any of you put it past themAlso no.

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantispromises on day one, he is banning central bank digital currencies. “I think it’s a huge threat to freedom. I think it’s a huge threat to privacy … it will allow [elitists] to block what they consider to be undesirable purchases, like too much fuel, … they just won’t let the transaction go through. [Or on] ammunition.”

This old-based dude showed us the way. He showed us the way with strawberries.

The runners-up for July’s Content Kings are also from Europe: The bachelor party that stopped Just Stop Oil and the leggy German broad who yeeted protestors off the road by the hair. Step your game up, ‘Merica!