Biden Gets Slammed for Lying That He Taught Political Theory at the University of Pennsylvania for Four Years: ‘Pretend Life’

President Joe Biden Thursday announced plans for a major speech along the lines of his 2022 Philadelphia address where he called Republicans “extremists” and “a threat to this country.”

“Democracy is at stake, folks,” Biden claimed Thursday in an appearance at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland. “Our democracy is under attack, and we got to fight for it.”

Alarming as that may be for the 74 million U.S. citizens who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 general election, Biden’s next remark fired up conservatives on social media.

“I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years, and I used to teach political theory,” he claimed.

“And, folks, you always hear every generation has to fight for democracy,” he continued. “And I find myself — it’s automatic. We didn’t have to believe it. But we do. We do.”

His claim has been met with skepticism from individuals accusing the president of fabricating this aspect of his professional history, according to a Fox News report.

Critics contend there is little evidence to support the president’s claim he taught a class at the University of Pennsylvania.

While Biden was named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of Practice from 2017 to 2021, a fact-check by found that he “did not teach a semester’s worth of courses” during this period.

The fact-check further clarified Biden’s role was honorary, and while he did give lectures and talks to students on campus, he did not teach a full semester’s course load.

A separate fact-check by Politifact on a similar claim made earlier by Biden stated that “the duration of the position was closer to two years than four, since he was on leave while running for president.”

The fact-check also noted Biden’s duties might not align with what the public typically associates with the term “full professor,” which includes teaching semester-long classes, conducting independent research and handling administrative responsibilities.

It remains unclear whether Biden’s mention of teaching “political theory” referred to his occasional lectures in this honorary role.

Neither the White House nor the University of Pennsylvania has provided evidence to support the president’s claim, according to a Fox News report.

“Biden’s pretend life sounds very fun and interesting,” author Carol Roth wistfully remarked in an X post that included a video clip of the president’s remarks.

Vince Langman wondered in an X post if Biden was lying or showing signs of mental impairment.

“Is this guy a late stage dementia patient?” asked Langman. “Or is he literally a serial liar. I’m not sure which is worse?”

Townhall columnist and podcaster Derek Hunter wondered where the fact-checkers were.

“Attention: @ddale8 @GlennKesslerWP, know anyone with the job of fact checking?” he posted to his X account with links to the fact-checkers for CNN and The Washington Post.