Bill Maher Unloads on Progressives and Goes There: “Black Lives Don’t Seem to Matter When They Are Taken by Black Lives…”

Yes, at the end of the day, if he votes in 2024 Bill Maher is going to vote for Joe Biden. It’s important to keep that in mind anytime he goes off on how batsh*t crazy progressives have gotten. But it’s still left-on-left content and you know you enjoy it as much as I do. The fact it’s Maher on Joe Rogan’s podcast, to quote Excalibur, you GOT to give the people what they want.

The two were discussing a popular topic here at the Louder with Crowder Dot Com website.

“Murders have been happening in Chicago among the African-American community for far too long,” says Maher. “And not really reported in the way they should be. It’s amazing how black lives don’t seem to matter when they are taken by black lives.”

Maher’s quote reminds me of one of my all-time favorite moments in journalisming. When the media went crazy about Alec Baldwin (who is white) killing a woman, and Leftists suddenly cared about Chicago violence being ignored. MSNBC, a media outlet that ignores Chicago violence, asked Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot what she thinks about the Alec Baldwin story. It went something like this.

MSNBC: How does it strike you when you see such massive publicity given to this story in the media. So much publicity to Alec Baldwin when every day in the media that has signed my paycheck for fifty years, we ignore all the gun violence in Chicago?

MAYOR LIGHTFOOT: …are you f*cking serious?

Rogan mentioned how progressives defunded the police in Austin. Then when crime shot up, needed to refund the police. Maher said it’s part of a bigger problem.

“Liberalism was never shoplifting is progressive. And we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting, but after the George Floyd murder and riots, there was a movement to disband a lot of the police… And what happened was, of course, crime went up in certain areas, and a lot of the officers who were fired or let go, were hired as private security by the rich people, and their neighborhoods stayed safe. That wasn’t exactly a victory for Liberalism.”

I disagree with Maher on one point. Forcing policies on the middle class and in urban areas that do nothing but benefit upper-class liberals IS liberalism. Progressives are just douchier about it.

Maher and Rogan also talked about how woke progressives and the KKK sound exactly the same. But that was funnier when Ryan Long did it a few years ago.