DeSantis News Network: DeSantis Tosses Footballs With Sean Hannity

The DeSantis News Network, also known as Fox News, had Florida Governor Ron DeSantis join Hannity Thursday evening. During the show, Fox executives had DeSantis throw footballs to a private audience. Last weekend, during the Iowa vs. Iowa State tailgate Trump threw signed footballs into the crowd. Many are now asking if there is anything authentic about Ron DeSantis.

It looked like a scene out of 1984, as the camera zoomed back while DeSantis was throwing the footballs into the audience. Viewers could easily see the whole thing was scripted as Hannity and DeSantis were both reading off the teleprompter. One could also see the word clap flashing over the audience’s head.

Trump commented on the DeSantis-Hannity disaster by posting to X, “Not only is DeSanctimonious looking to destroy your Social Security, including moving the minimum age to 70, and your Medicare, but today he had a killer story in the Washington Post talking about his really bad spending habits. He’s gone, yet Fox has him all over the place, even on Hannity last night. They’ve actually picked another candidate, they just don’t know who it is yet…Ratings Freefall! I’m America First, so it will never be me!”

This past weekend, Trump threw out singed footballs to a massive crowd who came to see him at the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. Unlike the fake DeSantis studio crowd, Trump’s crowd was authentic and excited to see him.

As the Don’s poll numbers continue to rise, Fox News has become increasingly more desperate to stop Trump by refusing to report on his poll numbers and show his crowds. In a post to Truth on Thursday, Trump pointed out Fox’s horrific tactics “Best Polls Ever, but rarely shown on television. Leading by 50 and 60 points. Just like they don’t like showing our big Rally CROWDS, they don’t like showing our GREAT POLL NUMBERS. WE HAVE RIGGED ELECTIONS, AND RIGGED TELEVISION!”