Elon Musk Responds to Tucker Interview With Convicted Fraudster Larry Sinclair: ‘a Dubious History’

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Elon Musk has been a supporter of Tucker Carlson — particularly since his unceremonious firing from Fox in April.

Musk opened the door for Tucker to continue sharing his commentary on his platform and several months ago, “Tucker on Twitter” was launched.

In a further display of goodwill, Musk made it possible for Carlson to post a prerecorded interview with former President Donald Trump at the same time the first GOP debate aired on Fox — the broadcast garnered a record number of views.

However, the honeymoon seems to have ended, as Musk sharply criticized Carlson for his recent interview with a man claiming to have had a sexual relationship with former President Barack Obama.

The New York Post reported that Musk “called out Carlson for not providing ‘objective evidence’ [and] allowing a convicted fraudster to claim he had sex with Barack Obama” without appropriate pushback.

Tucker invited known Obama basher Larry Sinclair to be a guest on his Wednesday broadcast. During the interview, Sinclair claimed to have had a “night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama, and that Obama came back for more the next day.”

Carlson’s interview quickly amassed over 14 million views.

Musk scolded Carlson in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter: “Of course, the probability that his claims are true would have to rest on objective evidence, rather than claims made by someone with a dubious history.”

During the interview, Sinclair repeated a claim he first made 15 years ago — that he did not know who Obama was when he reportedly met the Illinois state senator in 1999.

Most believe that claim has been proven to be false.

“I was in Chicago looking for a party,” Sinclair claimed. “I gave Barack $250 to pay for coke and start putting a line on a CD tray, and just snort.”

“It was definitely not Barack’s first time,” Sinclair added.

In February 2008, Politico reported the website Whitehouse.com offered Sinclair $100,000 if he could pass a polygraph test to substantiate his claims. He accepted the challenge but failed to pass the polygraph test.

Adding to Sinclair’s lack of credibility is that he was incarcerated several times in the 1980s, is known to have used at least 13 aliases and has spent 16 years in prison stemming from more than 100 charges.

Seeking to gain credibility, Sinclair told Carlson: “If you look my criminal history up — which I’ve published myself, provided from day one — my criminal history goes from 1980 to 1986. And everything I’ve ever done, I’ve owned it. Any sentence I’ve ever been given I’ve served,” he added, noting that he never avoided prosecution.