Massive Canada-Wide Protests Against the Sexualization of Children: Spotlight on the Ottawa March

RAIR Foundation USA journalist Vlad Tepes was on the scene in Ottawa, reporting on this significant event.

It was an extraordinary day on Parliament Hill in Ottawa when thousands of demonstrators converged on Wednesday, September 20th, for the ‘1 Million for Children March.’ This movement, organized by #1MillionMarch4Children and Hands Off Our Kids, run by Muslim activists Bahira Abdulsalam and Kamel El-Cheikh, advocates for the well-being of children everywhere and the protection of parental rights.

The significance of this event extended beyond Ottawa, as similar protests took place in major cities across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and more.

The 1 Million March 4 Children movement unites individuals from diverse backgrounds and faiths, all sharing a resolute purpose: advocating for the elimination of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculum, pronouns, gender ideology, and mixed bathrooms in schools. Many demonstrators carried signs advocating for the protection of children, while others donned red ‘Save Canada’ hats and carried anti-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flags.

The event’s significance lies in its opposition to what its organizers refer to as ‘indoctrination and sexualization’ in schools, particularly concerning the administration of highly risky and life-altering medical treatments to children, frequently without parental awareness or consent. This contentious issue has led to the erosion of fundamental parental rights, specifically the right to ensure that one’s child is not coerced into believing they are a different sex by being convinced that they may have been “born into the wrong body”

Notably, the event drew attendees from various segments of Canadian society, with a significant turnout from the Muslim community. Some participants attired themselves to showcase their deep commitment to their faith, adding to the diversity of the demonstration.

RAIR Foundation USA journalist Vlad Tepes was on the scene in Ottawa, reporting on this significant event.

Hundreds of counterdemonstrators stood opposite the 1 Million March 4 Children protesters before the planned march through a downtown Ottawa segment. Dozens of police officers maintained a separation between the opposing groups. These leftist counter-protestors, organized primarily through various labor unions, notably the Civil Service Unions, were present. Details of their planning became public when a confidential Zoom call was leaked in the lead-up to the protest.

The police demonstrated exceptional professionalism in ensuring the event proceeded smoothly. They effectively managed the leftist counter-protestors, containing them on the South side of Wellington while facilitating the demonstration on Parliament Hill and the North side of Wellington. This organization held true throughout the march through the Downtown core, culminating with the return to the hill.

While there is ample footage capturing the police presence throughout the event, it’s worth noting that they maintained a small group of officers on horseback, ready to respond swiftly in case of any significant outbreak of violence.

“Early in the day, RAIR Foundation managed to catch up with Kamel El-Cheikh, the man who had the idea and organized the entire march. This was before the arrival of far-left extremists and union leaders to counter-protest.”

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