NASCAR Busted for ‘Blatantly Illegal’ Racial Requirement for Job

NASCAR eliminated a specific racial criterion in their “diversity internship program” that appeared to disadvantage white candidates after an article from The Daily Wire highlighted it.

Previously, the prominent stock car racing organization stipulated that for an internship program, applicants had to belong to certain non-white “minority classifications.” This stipulation was removed after specialists informed The Daily Wire that such a mandate was “blatantly illegal” discrimination.

The earlier requirement stated, “Be a member of one or more of the following races/ethnic minority classifications: Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Latino or Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.” This statement has since been taken down from the job listing.

David Bernstein, affiliated with George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law, shared with The Daily Wire that the stipulation was “blatantly illegal.” He further elaborated that it seemingly contravenes “Title VII and the 1866 Civil Rights Act.” Bernstein commented that any prospective applicant prevented from applying due to racial reasons could legally challenge NASCAR.

While NASCAR updated the criteria for the internship, the organization maintains various other diversity initiatives that might appear to be racially biased.

This internship was part of a broader initiative labeled “drive for diversity,” which encompasses the “driver development program” and the “pit crew development program.”

Both of these programs cater to “top minority and female drivers” and “aspiring minority and female pit crew members” respectively. These programs remain intact.

For eligibility, the program details state that participants should either be female or a “member of one or more … ethnic minority classifications,” encompassing categories like African American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and those of mixed racial backgrounds.