Pro-Life “Sound of Freedom” Producer Eduardo Verástegui Runs for President of Mexico

Leading pro-life advocate and “Sound of Freedom” movie producer Eduardo Verástegui has announced he is running for president in Mexico.

“After a period of discernment, I made the most important decision of my life: I have just registered with the INE [National Electoral Institute] my intention as an aspiring independent candidate for the presidency of the Mexican Republic for the elections on June 2, 2024,” Verástegui wrote on Instagram.

“My fight is for life. My fight is for freedom. It is time to remove the same old people from power. Our country needs a new way of doing politics, to eradicate corruption and impunity.”

Verástegui is a actor, singer, and activist who rose to fame in telenovellas that were popular throughout Latin America.

Verástegui, who grew up in Mexico, is a devout Catholic who is solidly pro-life. He is known for his award-winning film “Bella.” He has acted in numerous TV shows and films, including “Little Boy,” “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” “CSI: Miami” and “Charmed.” He also is active in the pro-life movement.

His announcement follows on the heels of the Mexico Supreme Court legalizing abortion, issuing a landmark decision that will likely pave the way to killing hundreds of thousands of babies in abortions.

Mexico’s Supreme Court found that the current abortion ban is unconstitutional, and, strangely, called killing human beings before birth a human right.

“The First Chamber of the Court ruled that the legal system that penalizes abortion in the Federal Criminal Code is unconstitutional, since it violates the human rights of women and people with the capacity to gestate,” it claimed.

Already, 12 states and the Federal District had legalized abortion and this monumental decision now allows abortions nationwide.

The decision comes after a huge crowd of approximately 25,000 pro-lifers marched through Mexico City earlier this year to request protections for unborn babies.

The Mexico capital legalized first-trimester abortions in 2007 under the Marcelo Law, and March for Life leaders said more than 1 million unborn babies have been aborted since then, according to ACI Prensa, the Spanish sister outlet of the Catholic News Agency,

“This legislation has caused more than a million abortions in Mexico, since the official figures from health centers in Mexico City must be added [to] those performed in private clinics,” the pro-life organization Steps for Life said in a statement.