Legal Scholar Jonathan Turley Shares 10 Reasons Why Biden Impeachment Inquiry is Justified

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley may have said that he doesn’t believe the current evidence is “sufficient for articles of impeachment” against President Joe Biden, but he did mention in Thursday’s first impeachment inquiry hearing ten reasons why the inquiry is justified.

On Saturday, the George Washington University Law School professor detailed the developments to which he alluded in his congressional testimony.

“The record currently contains witness and written evidence that the President (1) has lied about key facts in these foreign dealings, (2) was the focus of a multimillion-dollar influence peddling scheme, and (3) may have benefitted from this corruption through millions of dollars sent to his family as well as more direct possible benefits,” Turley wrote. “The President may be able to disprove or rebut these points, but they raise legitimate concerns over his role based on the accounts of key figures in the matter.”

Turley cited first the testimony of Hunter Biden’s former best friend and business associate Devon Archer, who revealed that Hunter’s close ties to his then-Vice President father Joe Biden, referred to as “the Brand,” pointed to a “classic influence peddling operation.”

“While this was described as an ‘illusion of access,’” Turley wrote, “millions were generated for the Bidens from some of the most corrupt figures in the world, including associates who were later accused of or convicted of public corruption.”

“Some of the Biden clients pushed for changes impacting United States foreign policy and relations, including help in dealing with Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin investigating corruption,” Turley continued.

He went on to recall the “false claims” President Biden has repeatedly made concerning his knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings. Archer, Turley notes, called the President’s claim of ignorance “patently false.”

What’s more, Turley wrote, “The Washington Post and other media outlets have also declared the President’s insistence that his family did not take money from China as false.”

As BizPac Review reported on Wednesday, bank records revealed that payments of over a quarter million dollars were wired from China to Hunter Biden at his father’s Delaware home.

Turley highlights that particular nugget of news later on his list.

“The President had been aware for years that Hunter Biden and his uncle James were accused of influence peddling, including an audiotape of the President acknowledging a New York Times investigation as a threat to Hunter,” Turley wrote.

He also stated, “President Biden was repeatedly called into meetings with these foreign clients and was put on speakerphone. He also met these clients and foreign figures at dinners and meetings.”

Documents showing that Hunter used Joe’s name to “secure payments from foreign sources”; a corrupt Ukrainian businessman who claimed to the FBI that he paid Joe Biden a “bribe” through “intermediaries”; Hunter’s claim that he had to give half his earnings to his dad; and “potential benefits” Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and other family members reportedly enjoyed as a result of Hunter’s negotiations, including gift to Hunter, “like an expensive diamond and a luxury car” rounded out the reasons Turley concluded an impeachment inquiry into the president is justified.

“These are only some of the serious corruption allegations facing the President,” he wrote, “but each could raise impeachable conduct if a nexus is established to the President.”