Open Borders Mean the Dismantling of the United States

The Biden administration and internationalist NGOs ‘want to destroy the West’

“Open borders mean equal opportunity for dismantling the United States.” That statement was written in 2006 in a Newsmax article exposé about George Soros – nearly 20 years ago.

Today the United States and its border states are under siege, facilitated by our own government, which apparently learned from Soros, “Essential to an open society is destruction of the nation-state authority, family structure, and religious beliefs, thus rendering national culture, heritage, and ethos meaningless.”

The Soros open-society, open-borders advocates’ concept calls for the United States be removed as a superpower and that the American people be subjected to the will and wants of all the world’s people. This is why for two decades, when asked I have said that the end goal is to break up the United States of America, turning our land mass into nothing more that provinces or small individual countries, rending the U.S. toothless.

“A current tool of deconstruction is the immigration chaos caused by 20 million illegal aliens residing in the United States.”

Again, that statement is from 2006, yet is not only still being used today, our own President and his administration have taken up the mantel and are facilitating our own deconstruction.


“Open-society advocates realize that open borders can only mean a devaluation of citizenship, of voting, of patriotism, and love of country. Open borders mean equal opportunity for dismantling the United States.”

Is Soros now funding the Biden Administration? (asked somewhat sarcastically)…

Soros used organizations funded by his Open Society, including Democracy Alliance, Human Rights Watch, the Center for American Progress, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and the New Democrat Network (NDN).

How this works

“In 2006, the Open Society Institute contributed to the U.S. Justice Fund, which, in turn, awarded a grant to the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Francisco office, to defend non-citizens in criminal and immigration matters and to combat the federal government’s ‘inappropriate’ use of local jails for detention of non-citizens.

Another grant went to an author to write articles on alleged immigration enforcement excesses for magazines and newspapers, thus attempting to sway public opinion in favor of illegal aliens and open borders.”

The Biden Administration pivoted to religious NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and “pays the NGOs billions of taxpayer dollars through numerous federal departments—including Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, State, and Justice—for this migration weaponization used against America’s interests,” Lora Ries of Heritage Foundation’s the Daily Signal reported recently.

A new investigation by Mike Howell, director of Heritage’s Oversight Project, “recently uncovered that Catholic charities and other non-government organizations have been working with the Biden administration to help move migrants across the country.”

Heritage found that NGOs, like Catholic Charities, “The biggest thing they do is liaise travel:”

“What we’re seeing, much like the left’s march through all of the institutions, whether it’s the military, our culture, our schools, et cetera, the same thing has happened in a lot of the charitable arms of churches. Catholic charities is a prime example. They’re really the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to this.

They are deeply involved in facilitating the travel of illegal aliens throughout the country. But it doesn’t end there. These NGOs are also, a lot of money behind this, involved in lobbying the Biden administration and our Congress to keep the border wide open. And so it’s kind of this full scale operation where not only they’re involved in the border, but they’re involved in D.C. making sure the border stays open through policy and support to the Biden administration. A lot of their staffers and people connected in those NGO networks are in the Biden administration.

The cartels bring them to the border. Illegal aliens turn themselves into Border Patrol because they full well know they’re not going to get removed. And then Border Patrol drops them off at the NGOs. And then the NGOs liaises their travel and gets them wherever they need to go in the country. Oftentimes, for a lot of folks, that means to a place that they were trafficked to work or a human smuggling design. Obviously drugs are a big part of this as well when you have the Border Patrol, with all their eyes on this problem, they’re taking their eyes off the drugs. And the drugs, especially the fentanyl, is a national epidemic at this point.

The Daily Signal found that “what started out decades ago as faith-based organizations supporting the State Department to resettle genuine refugees in the U.S. after a legitimate application process has evolved into mass illegal immigration and downstream activities, creating an immigration industrial complex worth billions of dollars.”

“Worse, those same faith-based organizations also advocate for more migration to the U.S. and against immigration enforcement. They claim they are merely helping vulnerable populations, but these NGOs clearly benefit financially from more immigration in this corrupt money-changing circle.”

And the goal is to register all non-citizens to vote and to assure that they vote the Democratic ticket.

Why is this taking place?

Read this last paragraph very carefully:

“This is a resettlement program. The Biden administration wants open borders for the same reason these internationalist NGOs do. They want to destroy the West. They think that mass immigration and demographic change is a political benefit to them. It puts people on government dependency. It massively changes the population of a country. It waters down community and civic traditions and cohesion. It unsettles the country. This is a Marxist key part of their philosophy is that they need to build class warfare, and there’s no better way to do that than rapidly changing the demographics of a country with classes of people dependent on the government.”

Newsmax concluded nearly 20 years ago:

“The old bromides–environmental degradation, abortion, anti-war, poverty, human rights, justice for all, health care for all, and peace at any price are being doled out to a new generation in the hope that enough naïve, poorly educated U.S. citizens will support the open-society agenda.”

It appears to have worked.