Biden Humiliates Himself And America While Speaking To Africans

On Tuesday, I wrote on Kamala Harris’s remarks to young African leaders at the United States Africa Summit.

She tried to appear insightful, but the translation missed something because it was the identical statements, along with the exact hand motions, that she’d made many times before. So, if the leaders believed they were getting preferential treatment (if they could understand what she was saying), they were sorely incorrect.

But it was Joe Biden’s time on Wednesday. He gave a speech during another portion of the Summit, the United States Africa Business Forum.   To say things didn’t go well would be an understatement. Given his inability to understand or seem logical, you’d think they’d have him review speeches before he delivers them. But that was not the case with these comments. He appeared to not only have no idea what he was saying but also to be unable to see what the teleprompter said, despite its size. So he basically messed everything up.

The Prosperity Africa Deal Room is really a virtual room – a US government effort — where people collaborate to connect African and American enterprises. It began with President Donald Trump, not with Joe Biden. But if you hear Joe talk about it, I’m not sure he has any notion of what it is as we listen to just what he says here. But he’ll undoubtedly claim credit for it.

“That sounds like that’s something we should not even be saying,” Biden said, referring to the Prosper Africa Deal Room. “I kept on asking, ‘So where is the Deal Room?’ I believe I’m staring at it.” Joe Biden is arguably the most knowledgeable about backroom agreements.

How long has COVID been around already? Most of us lost interest in it a long time ago. But Joe Biden has still been talking about it, even if he’s still having problems with it after all this time.

But then you witness the tussle with the teleprompter, as he leans to the left to get a better view. But it doesn’t work because he trips over himself because he has no idea what he’s saying.

Then it entirely collapses.

I apologize. I’m fluent in “Biden-ese,” but what he’s trying to communicate here is beyond me. So I’m sure it was beyond many of the people in the audience as well. What does the rest of the world think — what must the African leaders be thinking as they hear such nonsense?

Biden finished by appearing to have a mental glitch mid-remark.

“Let me share with you a few highlights of the transactions that have been made,” he was meant to say. But he didn’t appear to get it.

The only things he seems to comprehend are transactions that move all of our money overseas and transactions that benefit his family.