The latest political narrative being advanced by Democrats and the left-leaning media is all about investigations.  They are against them.  

Not the politically driven investigations they were conducting over the past six years.  Not arguably the most bogus investigation in American history – referring to the 2-year Russian conspiracy theory investigation that proved the media-driven propaganda in the court-of-public-opinion was totally wrong.  Not the one-sided kangaroo court-style investigation into the Capitol Hill riot.  

There were those two politically driven impeachment investigations that resulted in President Trump’s acquittal.  Democrats claim that the acquittals were the results of partisan politics.  An ironic claim in view of the fact that the impeachment hearings were, themselves, partisan shams.

House Democrats are currently conducting several investigations into Trump – the Capitol Hill riot … the White House document … and his taxes.  These are nothing more than political investigations since Congress has no power to indict or adjudicate any charges — and there are real law enforcement agencies already investigating each of these issues.

What makes the rash of Democrat investigations so unprecedented is the partisan political motivation.  In the past, Congress would investigate activities of the Mafia … crooked defense contractors … enemy espionage … unsafe products … but not full-scale investigations of political adversaries.

Democrats have abused the powers of investigation – with the collaboration of the media – to malign the entire Republican brand as a threat to democracy.  Unfortunately, the cynical strategy had its impact on the 2022 Midterm Election.

(As you read on, keep the word “hypocrisy” in mind.)

Now that the Republicans will be in control of the House, Democrats and their media cronies have reversed polarities.    They are against congressional investigations.  They are accusing the incoming GOP leadership of having no legislative agenda and myopically preoccupied with … investigations.

Of course, the Republican Party has a very specific agenda of programs they would like to enact – secure borders … anti-crime measures … school choice … opposition to a wide range of “woke” craziness.   However, with Democrats holding the Senate and the White House, there is little to no chance of enacting the Republican agenda. 

Conversely, Democrats will not be able to enact their radical left-wing agenda.  At best, there may be some bipartisan legislation that can get through the process.  Overall, it is probably a good thing to curb the Democratic agenda.

That leaves a lot of time for investigations.  Contrary to the clamor on the left – and the faux indignation over the very thought of Republicans investigating anything about Democrats – there is a lot of fodder for the investigatory mills.  The Democrats objections to future investigations is just an attempt to undermine their credibility in advance.

There are a number of legitimate issues to be explored by House committees on behalf of the American people.  There is the issue of the border.  Biden & Co. have much ‘splaining to do on that one.  Then there are the questions as to why and how Biden orchestrated the disastrous surrender in Afghanistan.

But the one investigation that has Biden and the Democrats in a state of apoplexy is the Hunter Biden Case – and that may be a misnomer.  The Biden Family Case may be a more apt title.

This is a case where there are sooooo many questions– and so much smoke – that there must be a fire.

Hunter Biden is already in legal trouble over his taxes – and possibly his failure to register as a foreign agent.  But those are small potatoes when you consider these FACTS.

  • He had no work job for $80,000 per month with a corrupt Ukraine energy company.
  • He received millions of dollars from Russian interests.
  • He received millions of dollars form Chinese interests.

Was all that “influence peddling?”  In view of the meeting Hunter arranged with his father — and other senior Washington officials – it is a very real possibility.

And then there is the potential involvement of President Biden – the “Big Guy,” as he was referred to in various communications suggesting that he was in on the take.  In view of all the meetings the Big Guy had with Hunter’s business partners, we know that Old Joe flat-out lied when he repeatedly assured the American people that he was totally uninvolved – clueless – of Hunter’s and brother Frank Biden’s activities.

Oh … and what about the laptop? 

You know, the one that the White House said was Russian disinformation … the FBI refused to investigate … and media reports on the laptop were banned from social media as fake news.  That is until, the truth could no longer be denied, and Fourth Estate institutions, such as the New York Times and CBS, belatedly reported that the laptop was legit – and all that damning information was accurate.  Not Russian disinformation.

As part of the left-wing media hypocrisy, we can anticipate that they will attack the investigators and shield the investigated.  The Hunter Biden Case may be too big and too crooked to sweep under the carpet in the Oval Office.

So, there ‘tis.