Top 5 Biden Gaffes of 2022 That Show His Mental Decline Is Only Getting Worse

It’s speculated by many Americans, including former Obama White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, that President Joe Biden is suffering from age-related dementia.

The problem appears to worsen with each passing day.

Looking back at the year of 2022, we put together some of Biden’s worst mental lapses with help from Western Journal.

In December, Biden struggled to pronounce a word that doesn’t exist during a routine question from reporters. It sounds like “apoplectic.” Watch:

In the fall, Biden searched the room for a GOP congresswoman who had passed away.

“Jackie, where’s Jackie?” Biden asked about Rep. Jackie Walorski who died in a car accident a few months ago. When asked about this gaffe, the White House issued a public statement that said Biden was looking for her because she was “on the top of his mind.” Watch:

In September, Biden appeared to mispronounce the phrase “reduce the deficit.” Instead, he uttered something to the effect of “rededudenedefet.” Watch:

Here’s a look at a few more:

More from Western Journal:

Other times, he simply loses touch with reality or misremembers or misinterprets events in an extreme way and has no issue relaying what he believes in that moment, as we saw when he declared that his son Beau had in fact perished in Iraq.

The growing number of such incidents is what brings cause for concern, of course, with the specter of Vice President Kamala Harris taking over perhaps irking some conservatives more than anything Biden himself could do or say.

To be fair, Biden and other political leaders of the times experience a microscope that wasn’t levied at leaders of the past. We question how far certain leaders would have made it in the polls if various things were known about them — or if their every move was filmed.

Regardless, we must have basic standards as a society for those who lead us. While these people should generally represent us, they should also be able to function at the same or a higher level than us. In Joe Biden we are increasingly seeing the opposite of that, as the aforementioned gaffes have illustrated.

While this country failed to institute a proper opposition to Biden in November’s election, Republicans do now have some power to look into the various aspects of the regime. Looking into Biden’s health is certainly not off the table, although it may be down the list from certain criminal implications brought on by Biden’s son, Hunter.