BOMBSHELL: New Court Filings Released Show Democrat Stacey Plaskett Worked With Epstein

New court filings have been released in relation to Jeffery Epstein’s death and some of the information is quite fascinating. Epstein who died in his cell just had new information released on his last days and how he died.

Some important things to note; Epstein was cleared from suicide watch less than a day after he allegedly hung himself to death in his cell. He was given extra linens and no cell mate which led up to his death, and more disturbingly a cell mate tried to tell a staffer a month before his death that Epstein tried to hang himself to death with a jumpsuit.

On top of that information there was also some other interesting information:

These court filings alleged that popular Democrat Stacey Plaskett worked for Jeffery Epstein as a tax and political fixer, and that she worked with Epstein on years long fundraising.