New Released Document Shows How The FBI Has Protected Biden

Senator Chuck Grassley, according to RedState, revealed the notorious FD-1023 form, which shows that Joe and Hunter Biden accepted payments from Burisma creator Mykola Zlochevsky. 

There is an allegation in the form that there are 17 distinct recordings of people discussing these arrangements, including Joe Biden on two of them. Additionally exposed is the claim made by Burisma’s former CFO Vadim Pojarskii that they had “hired” Hunter Biden to “help protect us, by means of his dad, from a variety of problems.” This was covered in depth by RedState chief editor Jennifer Van Laar.

When asked if the investigation underway into Burisma at the time would hurt the business’s IPO, Zlochevsky said, “Do not worry Hunter will be taking care of all of those problems through his dad,” which is one of the more overt allusions to Joe Biden. Who was in charge of that investigation? That was Viktor Shokin. Who would subsequently boast about depriving Ukraine of help and forcing Shokin to resign? Joe Biden is the one who would fit that description.

It is truly astounding how much corruption is displayed in that form. The largest political scandal in American history is the topic at hand. But what is worse is that the FBI tried to hide all of this. Not only did they not fully investigate what the trusted source revealed with his handler, but it also seems that the bureau went over and above to shield the Bidens from the fallout.

The FBI attempted to hide a number of additional FD-1023 components from Congress. That is particularly outrageous because redactions are only intended to be made when absolutely required. The conventional defense is that they are there to safeguard procedures and sources or to prevent the disclosure of sensitive national security data. When the FBI suppressed a statement that Hunter Biden wasn’t as clever as a dog, what sources and procedures were being safeguarded? By excluding the mention of the recordings and documentation attesting to the bribery, what sources and techniques were being safeguarded?

There is obviously no response. Why then would it be redacted? According to Occam’s razor, it was suppressed since it showed that Hunter Biden had no justification for obtaining large payments from Burisma. The unredacted FD-1023 makes it evident that the concerned Ukrainian billionaires paid to seek Joe Biden’s protection and to have Shokin sacked. That is a huge admission, and it is very telling that the FBI tried so hard to keep it from Congress and the American people.