FBI Memo Shows Agency’s Secret Targeting of Catholics

The FBI engaged in a coordinated spying operation specifically targeting traditional Catholic Christians using the label “potential domestic terrorists” to justify it, new information reportedly available to Congressional Republicans has revealed. On Wednesday (August 09, 2023), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, released a letter addressed to FBI Director Christopher Wray wherein he cited “information recently produced to the Committee” showing that the FBI spied on traditional Catholics using the bureau’s offices across the country.

The new information, stemming from a less redacted version of an FBI document detailing the surveillance of traditional Catholics as “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists,” shows that FBI field offices in Portland and Los Angeles were also actively involved in the surveillance operation. This goes in contradiction to Chris Wray’s earlier testimony before the same House committee wherein he only mentioned FBI’s office in Richmond, VA, as the single office involved in the surveillance of Catholics.

The Twitter account of the House Judiciary GOP posted about the new development implying that Wray’s testimony was not truthful.

Jordan also tweeted the same day that Biden’s Department of Justice has targeted Catholics and spied on parents speaking up at school board meetings.

The FBI document in question was first leaked to the public in February this year by whistleblower Kyle Seraphin but when released to the committee for Wray’s testimony, the FBI provided a more redacted copy. Now that additional information has come to surface, Jordan sounded like rebuking Wray in his letter:

“This new information raises additional concerns about the accuracy, completeness, and truthfulness of your testimony.”

He also invited Wray to amend his previous testimony and fully explain the nature and scope of his agency’s surveillance of traditional Catholics.

Commenting on the new development, conservative commentator Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire called Wray’s statement in his previous testimony a “big fat lie.”

“Will Wray be investigated for perjury himself? Probably not,” said Knowles. 

A Wall Street Journal op-ed The FBI and ‘Radical’ Catholics, published Wednesday, commented that conservatives no longer trust the FBI just like liberals no longer trust the local police.