Kevin Costner Leaves ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Devastated With Latest Announcement

Kevin Costner, at 68 years old, is leaving “Yellowstone” enthusiasts worldwide crestfallen.

In a latest Instagram update, he revealed his plans to shift his focus towards creating fresh music. However, he remained silent about the popular series, causing a stir among fans.

Costner is holding a guitar in the photo, accompanied by a caption stating, “We’re coming up on the 3rd anniversary of our #TalesFromYellowstone album. The band and I had so much fun making and playing this project for you guys.”

The trolling continued when he said, “I’m in movie mode right now, but look forward to getting the band back together for more music soon!”

It’s highly probable that the movie he’s hinting at is “Horizon,” a Western that has evolved into his labour of love.

Though numerous responses to his social media post were upbeat, expressing eagerness to see him back on stage and anticipation for his future projects, several fans expressed their dismay that Costner failed to mention his acclaimed series “Yellowstone.”

A user complimented the quality of the album and extended best wishes to the actor for “Horizon,” but also included a closing remark.

“P.S. We obviously want John Dutton back, just to close out our favorite show and do him justice. Please give it some consideration”