Biden’s Cringe Whiteboard Presentation Memed Into Oblivion

Professor Biden gives a lecture

Joe Biden spent his Friday trying to convince Americans that the economy is doing just wonderful because of him by standing in front of a whiteboard and talking down to them.

Here’s the cringe in full:

Firstly, who on earth is going to trust someone who has to tell you the economy is doing well by ticking boxes on a white board?

Secondly, the guy can barely speak.

“I came to office determined to change the economic direction of this country and to move from trickle-down economics to my middle out, bottom up vision: Bidenomics,” Biden slurred.

This entire thing is just constructed from made up meaningless BS terms:

Here’s the reality of ‘Bidenomics’:

Include this on your presentation:

Before long, the whiteboard session was memed into oblivion:

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